Campus Footwear: Fall's Cutest, Most Comfortable Styles

Strutting around campus in this fall’s cutest shoes shouldn’t have to be painful. Here are five styles under $30 to give you an A+ look.

Patterned Flats:

These shoes add instant emphasis to any outfit.
Buckle: $29.90             

Deb: $22.50                

Sears: $29.99               

Urbanog: $22.20

High Tops:
Paired with a simple outfit, these shoes show off your personality.
Deb: $27.99                 

Wet Seal: $29.50         

Deb: $26.99         

Forever 21: $14.50

Black and Gold:
Show your Mizzou spirit from head-to-toe with these black and gold shoes.
PacSun: $29.50                   

Sears: $29.99          

Payless: $26.99       

Urbanog: $21.20

Boots are versatile in the way that they pull together any outfit while keeping the weather out.
Wet Seal: $29.50  
JCPenney: $25.00       

Wet Seal: $29.50        

Lulu’s: $29.00

Score style points with the flirty designs on these lace-up shoes.
Wet Seal: $16.50         

Deb: $20.50               

Wet Seal: $14.50         

Urbanog: $24.80

Shop at the Columbia mall or shop online! These shoes will keep you painlessly going from one end of the campus to the next.

By: Ashley Szatala | Images: Amberle Garrett, listed retail stores


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