From 2005 to 2012: Rihanna's Style Evolution

Fashion is always changing, and there is no better way to keep up with trends than to take a glimpse at pop superstar Rihanna. Here’s a look at this fashion icon’s style evolution from her debut year to now.


When Rihanna’s first album, “Music of the Sun,” debuted, music lovers went crazy over her hip reggae style. Her image was young, fresh and fun! Rihanna hit the scene with a style perfect for her age and spunky personality. She was often spotted wearing cropped tops paired with low-rise jeans and colorful sneakers.


As Rihanna began to mature, so did her style. That young, teen image began to fade away, and the star began to show off her famous mile-long legs with a classy wardrobe full of form-flattering ensembles and sky-high stilettos. The evolving fashionista was often spotted rocking sequined dresses, metallic pieces and sexy designer denim.


Not only was Rihanna’s sophomore album, “Good Girl Gone Bad,” a debut of a new musical genre for the star, but it was the beginning of Rihanna’s transformation. Sporting a new chopped and darker hairstyle, people finally began to get a feel of what Rihanna’s sense of style really was. She started to sport a girly, yet punk look on stage. She also began to rock sexy designer pieces on the red carpet. Her fans loved it. Rihanna was quickly becoming Hollywood’s new “it girl.”


New hairstyles seemed to become an addiction for Rihanna. Her bold personality came into play with her eclectic style and the debut of her jet black pixie cut. She began to mix unique accessories with bold pieces and girly garments with edgy adornments. Fashion lovers and music junkies alike began to flood Rihanna’s fan base.


It had been nine months since Chris Brown and Rihanna’s media frenzy. Rihanna had left the scene for a while. When the star decided to come back, she came back hard. Rihanna continued to evolve; she shaved the sides of her pixie cut and dyed her hair yet again. The transformation coincided with her third album, “Rated R,” which consisted of hard-hitting dark numbers like “Russian Roulette” and “Mad House.” Couture gowns began to become a favorite of Rihanna’s for the red carpet. Metallic costumes were a part of her performances, and she began to grace the streets as if she just walked off a runway.


In 2010, she got back to her quirky and fun ways. Rihanna brightened her aura with fiery red tresses. Her new hair and funky sense of style matched her album “LOUD” perfectly. She often hit the scene wearing edgy mixed prints, bold color-blocked ensembles and whimsical couture pieces.


Rihanna surprisingly avoided dramatic changes in 2011 and experimented with her red locks well into the year. However, later that year when “Talk that Talk” was released, Rihanna changed her look again. She softened her appearance with a natural-looking brown weave. Nonetheless, her overall style stayed bold, and she continued to make fashion headlines throughout the year.


Unlike past years, Rihanna switched up hairstyles numerous times in 2012. It is safe to say that the star simply does what she wants. Opposed to many other fashionistas, the icon can literally try any look; from blonde curls, to jet black dreadlocks and pull it off.

From vintage basketball jerseys to sheer gowns, she is the epitome of fashion. Rihanna has done it all, and the world has learned to accept it. Who will know what she does next?

By: Candice Brew | Images: Source

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