9 Must-Read Blogs for College Women

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Let’s face it, we all enjoy a good blog from time to time. Whether it’s Tumblr or your favorite pinboard on Pinterest, blogs are a great way to find anything from fashion inspiration to travel advice. Summer is the perfect time to catch up on some good reads, so here’s a list composed of a few of my favorite blogs, run by some fellow college girls.


You don’t need to be a Vogue subscriber to find out about the season’s latest trends. Here are a few blogs for all types of fashionistas; label lovers and penny pinchers.

For those on a budget: If you’re like me, your wallet can’t handle much more than a trip to Target or Forever 21, and this ‘Stylin Iowan,’ as her blog is so cleverly named, is the same way. This site is the perfect way for those with a laid-back and colorful style to find inspiration for affordable and adorable fashion ideas, all from a fellow Midwestern girl!

For those with bigger wallets ... or big dreams: ‘Silhouette Girl’ has got it going on, and I’m not the only one who thinks so. This Philly native has been featured on countless fashion sites, including Teen Vogue. Her personal blog features everything from DIY’s to travel pieces, but my favorite posts are pictures of her everyday ensembles. Although her taste is a little too expensive for me, her classy, semi preppy New England look has given me tons of new fashion ideas.

For those looking for a happy medium: ‘Kat’s Fashion Fix’ is the best of both worlds. Kathleen is a suburban Chicago girl going to school in North Carolina, and her favorite stores span from Coach to Ann Taylor to Target. This site is great for girls looking for outfits for all occasions since that’s how Kathleen categorizes her looks. Date looks, office looks, casual looks ... she’s got it all!


Sometimes we need a little help. Whether it’s about love, school or even what to do this weekend, these blogs can give you the insight you’re looking for.

Get organized: College Prep has everything. Although this NYC girl puts a strong emphasis on fashion, she gives plenty of gift giving, DIY and baking advice as well. My favorite aspect of her site is all the ideas she shares for staying neat at school and on the go. The iPhone app organization article is a must-read for all the Apple enthusiasts out there.

College survival: This blog is exactly what it sounds like. The College Survival Handbook gives tips on studying, jobs, finances and even partying (there’s an article about a meme drinking game ... enough said). All of it is practical and comes from college students, teachers and grads who have already survived it all. Check out ‘How to Make Proper Ramen Noodles’ for a good laugh.

Fitness, romance and more: This UT student loves to share the lessons she’s learned while at school. Her summer pieces are currently centered around her new workout routine, but if you scroll through you’ll find great articles on dealing with breakups, finals week and even annoying relatives.

A Little Bit of Everything

Because there are way too many awesome blogs to try and categorize, here are some others to check out!

For a good laugh

For classy outfit inspiration

For inspiration ...and bucket list ideas (both from the same blogger)

By Nicole Kottmann

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    www.styliniowan.com | a style blog for the everyday college girl

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