3 Tips for Wearing Socks & Boots

When the weather starts to get cooler, the boots start to come out. Boots are a staple for fall and winter. They go with basically any outfit and are a great way to keep your feet warm, dry and stylish. One of the best accessories for boots are socks. Tall socks that stick out from the top of the boots are a great way to add a little something to your outfit. Here are some tips about wearing socks with your boots.

1. Choosing a Length 

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When picking a sock, it is important to choose one that is an appropriate length. For shorter boots, wearing a sock that is exposed a little bit at the top is important. When you pick a sock that is too long for the boot, it looks frumpy and not as put together. For a taller boot, choose a sock that does go to your knee. This will keep your legs warm when the weather get colder and make the sock stand out even more. 

2. Pairing with the Right Outfit

You can wear boots and socks with many different outfits. My personal favorites are with jeans and a sweater and with a dress. When wearing jeans, pick out a cute and cozy sweater. Add a sock that complements the sweater, and you have a great outfit. You also can pair them with your favorite dress or skirt. Adding tights also is a great option when the weather is cooler. Your boots and socks will last you through fall and into winter. 

3. Make it Fun

By adding socks to your outfit, you are adding a little flair. Don't be afraid to step it up to bit. Choose a sock with some fun colors or patterns. There are socks with lace, stripes and even crazy patterns. These fun socks will make your outfit even better. Pick something that coordinates with your outfit but "jazzes" it up a little bit. 

Wearing socks with boots is one of my favorite parts of fall. You can find socks for boots all over the place. I would suggest looking at department stores like Dillards, JCPenny or even Macy's to find some. These three simple tips will help you pick the best ones to wear. 

By: Abby Kass 

Beauty 911: Quick fixes for all your beauty emergencies

Beauty disasters can strike at any moment, but don’t panic! Here are some clever and quick fixes for the most common beauty crises.

Broken Nail Desperate times call for desperate measures. Use the back of a matchbook to file down the damage until you get home for a proper fix.

Greasy Locks If you are lucky enough to have makeup or baby powder, dust a little product and massage into your roots for an uplift. Anything with alcohol in it also will work if you are powder-less. The alcohol soaks up oil. Alcohol hand wipes are especially effective for bangs, and hair spray works for larger areas like your roots.

Puffy Eyes Grab some spoons! Pop them in a freezer for a couple of minutes, and rest them on your eyes. The coolness of the metal will help drain the fluid around your eyes. Follow with an eye cream and your usual makeup.

Frizzy Hair Lotion is not only great for your skin but can smooth out your hair, too. Use a dime-sized dab and flatten over fly-aways. Be careful not to use too much though or you’ll end up looking greasy.

Shiny T-ZoneIf you find yourself with an oil slick and no oil blotting paper, toilet paper or a disposable seat cover works in a pinch. Just gently dab where you are feeling a little greasy, and watch the oil disappear.

Onset of a Pimple When a pimple starts brewing, ask for a glass of ice water with lemon. Hold the ice cube on the area to reduce the swelling. Finish with a dab of lemon on the blemish to dry it out quickly.

By: Casey Nighbor

Check Out Columbia's Hottest New Smoothie Shop, Blenders: Smoothies + Juice

There are a variety of restaurants you can find in downtown Columbia. However, it was missing one thing for health enthusiasts and fruit lovers on the go: a juice bar. With the official opening of Blenders: Smoothies + Juice in August, that’s no longer a problem.

Owner Kieran McBride previously worked at a smoothie shop in Kansas City before moving to Columbia three years ago. Combining his aspirations to open a business and the lack of a smoothie shop in downtown Columbia, McBride opened a store of his own.

In addition to basic smoothies, the Blenders' menu also consists of new smoothies created by McBride and the shop’s Facebook followers. In the shop and on their website, the smoothies are divided into six categories: citrus, tangy, sweet, smooth, active and gonzo. Blenders makes it easier for customers to choose smoothies based on the flavors they want.

Devil’s Icebox (strawberry, banana, Greek yogurt) and Hawaiian Elvis (orange, strawberry-lemonade, pineapple, mango) prove to be the crowd’s favorites so far.

If you’re still confused on what to get from Blenders, feel free to tell McBride what your favorite fruits are. Everybody’s taste buds are different, and he’ll provide you some options to satisfy them.

As if that’s not exciting enough, Blenders also sells warm pretzels and hot cider, which is perfect for the cold weather.

Head over to Blenders on 308 S. Ninth Street, Suite 113.

Check out their website. You can even order online to have your order ready once you get there!

Once you’ve had the Blenders experience, feel free to like their Facebook and follow their Twitter page. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

A big thanks to Blenders for their contributions to our fashion show "What's Your Muse?," which takes place this Sunday at 8 p.m. at Muse Clothing in downtown Columbia.

By: Sazanka Idris | Images: Source

Enter to Win Matt Nathanson Tickets! [CLOSED]

Matt Nathanson, a folk and rock singer-songwriter with 10 full-length albums, is coming to Columbia on his Last of the Great Pretenders Tour!

Nathanson's tour is promoting his most recent album, which was released in July. Some of Nathanson's most popular songs include "Come On Get Higher," "Run" (featuring Sugarland) and "Faster."

Nathanson will be performing with Joshua Radin at The Blue Note Tuesday evening, November 19. Tickets can be purchased for $22.50 at the MSA/GPC box office in the MU Student Center, from The Blue Note box office or online at thebluenote.com.

Lucky for you, one College Gloss Mizzou reader will win a pair of tickets to the show! All you have to do to enter is follow @CollegeGlossMIZ on Twitter and tweet at us with your favorite Matt Nathanson lyric. The winner will be announced later this week.

Tickets courtesy of The Blue Note.


Image: Source

On The Rise: Muse Clothing

These days, taking a stroll through downtown Columbia, Mo., (better known and referred to as “The District” by both students and residents) has become just as much of a routine for me as attending classes at MU. Every shop, bar and restaurant that calls the area home aids in the cultivation of its unique charm and immerses everyone who visits in the culture created and maintained by a diverse array of talented individuals.

Nickie Davis, one of those talented individuals, is the owner of Muse Clothing. Although a newcomer to “The District,” Muse prides itself in being “Columbia’s only alternative street fashion boutique for men and women,” according to its website. After stopping by on multiple occasions and checking out the merchandise available for purchase (brands such as Lip Service, DimePiece, Kings of Cole, Cheap Monday, Kill City and Burger and Friends), I’ve come to the conclusion that Muse has all others in town beat on providing urban-esque statement pieces and the bare necessities for those who are looking to put together a noticeably trendy, yet cohesive look.

Besides the clothing and accessories, I’m even more a fan of Nickie’s “Monthly Muse” feature. Every month, Muse selects a shopper and conducts an interview, which includes a brief photo shoot of the person in styles the boutique carries. The purpose is simple: to highlight locals and encourage others to converse about what Columbia’s own fashion icons are wearing.

If your closest is in need of revamping, Muse Clothing can help to get the job done on Mondays through Fridays between the hours of 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. and Saturdays between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Muse Clothing
22 South 9th Street
Columbia, MO 65201
(573) 222-0687

Be sure to stop by Muse this Sunday, November 17 at 8 p.m. for a fashion show, "What's Your Muse?," presented by College Gloss Mizzou. Doors open at 7:30 p.m., and tickets are only $5! Join the Facebook event group here: https://www.facebook.com/events/172927269567914/.

By: Brianna Arps | Image: Muse Clothing

Insta-Inspiration: 5 Makeup Artists to Follow on Instagram

In need of some beauty inspiration? Try Instagram. The social media app is allowing users to get real-time inspiration, tips and tricks from some of the best makeup artists in the business. Getting quick tidbits on your Insta-feed makes getting a daily dose of beauty painless. Here are five great accounts to follow and see through the eyes of some beauty gurus.

1. Pat McGrath @patmcgrathreal
McGrath is one the biggest names in the make-up business and has been called the most influential makeup artist in the world by Vogue. If you just want to follow one beauty Instagram, make it this one.

2. Carmindy @carmindy_beauty
If her name sounds familiar, it’s because of her long time stint with TLC’s “What Not to Wear.” Her Instagram is jam-packed with tips, tricks and insider information.

3. Charlotte Tilbury @ctilburymakeup
She provides a great mix of beauty and fashion along with tips and tricks. Tilbury’s clients include Kate Moss and Penelope Cruz and top designers such as Tom Ford often make appearances.

4. Gucci Westman @gucciwestman
If more than just beauty tips is what you desire, follow Gucci. Her Instagram is filled with beautiful things that extend beyond makeup; however, her clients include Halle Berry and Elle Macpherson, so her beauty tips are definitely worth checking out, too.

5. Sonia Kashuk @soniakashuk
Kashuk owns her own national makeup line, but her Instagram goes beyond promotion of her products. Throwback Thursdays are especially great with Cindy Crawford and Christy Turlington making appearances.

By Casey Nighbor | Image: Source

Chipper Earrings: Paint Chip DIY

As a child, I loved going to Home Depot just to gaze lovingly at the wall of paint chips. My mom would always let me pick out a couple to take home (the common theme seemed to be bright pink, go figure) and I would put them in my scrapbook. When I was in sixth grade, I got the opportunity to pick two colors for my room in the new house we were building, and I was ecstatic to go through all the lovely paint chips for a purpose. So when Pinterest showed me a DIY using paint chips to create earrings, my trip down memory lane made it a must do!

Chips off the old block that you need:

  • Paint chips (Pick the ones that have multiple gradients of a color. I grabbed a whole bunch of the Behr ones, and the Home Depot may or may not have questioned my morals.)
  • Earring hooks, jump rings (I have some of this stuff leftover from when I made duct tape earrings.)
  • Circle hole punch (I used one that is 1 ⅜ inches in diameter.)
  • Little hole punch (or some sort of needle thing to punch a tiny hole for the paint chips to connect to the earring hooks)
  • Glue (a glue stick, adhesive tape runner, tacky glue or whatever)
  • Scissors
  • Pliers

The first thing you will do is punch circles in each color on the gradient. Make two sets of these circles so that you will have a set per earring. I found it easier to cut off the area with the names to get to the plain color area with my hole punch. Pro tip for using hole punches: Flip it over so that you can see the paper through the opening of the punch. This helps you make sure you are punching where you want to.

Now you have to make the big decision of what you want to make your base, either the lightest or the darkest color. To get the classic ombré effect, make the lightest color the base so that the smallest part of the circle will end up being a piece of the darkest color and it goes down to the lightest.

The base color will stay uncut in its circle form. Take the next color in the gradient (a color a shade darker for me), and carefully slide it into the circle hole punch. Have a part of the circle punch area open and not covered by the paper. It should kind of look like the opening is a crescent moon, and the paper is the shadow covering the rest of the moon (or the paper is a gibbous moon, but only people who took astronomy would understand that). Punch that out so that you have a crescent shape and thick almond shape. You will be using the almond shape layered on top of the base. To create the corresponding color almond for the other earring, follow the same punching technique or use the first almond shape as a template to cut the other one out.

Now you move onto the next darkest color, and you follow that same punching technique, except this time you want the empty space crescent to be thicker so that the almond shape is smaller. Repeat for the second circle of that darker color. You now have your darkest circle, and you want to create the smallest almond shape for that so the empty space in the hole punch must be the largest.

Once you have all your little pieces cut out, you can start layering by placing the biggest almond piece on the base piece by lining up the cut edge to the top edge of the base circle. Put glue of some sort on the back of that piece, and place it down on the base.

If you don’t believe in the strength of your hole punch, punch holes in the same place on each of the four pieces for the earring before you glue so when it is all glued together you can attach an earring hook. To get the most accurate punching, punch the first piece, line up the next piece under it, and punch through the hole you already made. You also can use a heavy duty punch and wait until the end to punch through all the glued pieces.

Now back to the layering business. Once you have glued down the biggest almond piece, take the next smallest piece and line the cut edge up to the top edge of the base circle, and glue it there. Repeat that for the smallest piece, and do the same steps for the second earring. 

Wait for the pieces to dry a bit before you punch the little hole through the top. Once you have punched the hole, you have the option of using two jump rings to attach the ombré circle to the earring hook or to just open up the loop at the bottom of the earring hook with your pliers. I chose the latter because it will have the circle face the right way without the added annoyance of opening and closing two jump rings. Use the pliers to close the loop back up. 

Voila! You now have a set of über trendy (and über inexpensive) earrings! Grab a whole bunch of colors and make lots for you, your mom, your aunt, your grandma, your friends and even your enemies because it’s that easy. You can always switch this up by using multiple different colors in the earring or using a different shape punch. You can use Mod Podge (my best friend) to be the adhesive and sealant if you worry about the staying power of your earrings. Chip it up!

By: Veronica DeStefano | Instructions: Source

A Look At Emblem3's New Album, Nothing To Lose

I have been an Emblem3 fan since their very first X Factor audition. They performed an original song entitled "Sunset Blvd" (which is on their debut album!), and they killed it. They were adorable, sounded awesome and got everyone in the room excited.

I loved every performance Emblem3 did while on the show. No, they didn’t win-- that was Tate Stevens, who happens to be from my hometown (no big deal). However, they still got a record deal, and they recently dropped their debut album. Of course I downloaded it the very first day it came out.

Their debut album Nothing To Lose is just so much fun. The album is an interesting mix of pop, hip hop and reggae sounds, and it’s chock full of clever lyrics, which I am a sucker for. They have a handful of pop culture references in their lyrics, and one of my favorite examples is in the title track for the album. One lyric reads, “you won’t be singing break up songs like that Taylor chick.” 

Brothers Wesley and Keaton Stromberg and Drew Chadwick might look like a traditional boy band, but they’re not. The boys are more than that, and so is their music. They have a hand in writing their own music; it’s not just songs presented to them by the label.

You can find Emblem3 on tour with Selena Gomez this fall. Selena is a best friend to Demi Lovato, who was arguably the judge who was the hardest on the boys during last season of The X Factor. But the boys took Demi’s constructive criticism in stride. They always seemed so appreciative to just be a part of it all.

If you want to check out a couple of songs before you commit to the whole album, I would suggest starting with "3000 Miles," "XO," "Spaghetti" or "Sunset Blvd."

By: Samantha Latting | Images: 1, 2

College Dating: Making the First Move

Is it just me or does it seem like boys are not stepping up to the plate lately? That is what I have been thinking for a while now when it comes to guys being the first to ask girls out on dates. As girls, we can pine away for a guy for months upon months. We think that smiling at him across the lecture hall or talking to him after class and complimenting him on his hair or deep blue eyes will be enough for him to get the hint that we kind of, sort of really like him.

I was a little flustered with this whole dilemma, so I took to the streets. Rather, I grabbed my phone and made it my project to find out what others thought about the idea of who should ask who out first.

After conducting a small survey from my phone’s contact list, I found some interesting information. This information may change the thinking of girls waiting for the cute guy down the hall to ask them out on a fun ice cream date.

I asked 19 people (10 girls and nine boys) this question: Who do you think should make the first move when it comes to dating? The guy or the girl? Or does it not matter anymore?

I think I made quite a discovery.

The majority of the girls I asked (eight out of 10) said that they definitely believed that the guy should be the one to make the first move. The common reason behind this thinking was that by asking a girl out, the guy shows confidence. He makes himself vulnerable, free to complete rejection when he puts himself out there and asks to see you on a not-so-platonic level. That right there is an admirable trait that I don’t think many girls can turn down.

The responses from the girls didn’t really surprise me much. I believe we are all somewhat shaped to think that our Prince Charming or some daring bad boy of a guy is going to come around and take the initiative to ask us out. It’s hard not to think that way with all the movies and fairy tales that we have grown up watching.

Here’s the kicker: six out of the nine boys I asked voiced that they believe that it really doesn’t matter who asks who out. A driven, confident girl who knows who she likes and isn’t afraid of asking him out is a major turn on. It was also expressed that given the time we live in, the “rules” of dating have changed and girls seem to like to take charge and don’t care to wait around for a boy to work up the nerve to ask them out.

Out of everything that I learned after taking biology my first semester of college, I remember “correlation does not mean causation.” Therefore, I am no way claiming that my little survey serves any means to a breakthrough in all the struggles men and women face while dating, but there is quite a difference in a way that these two groups think.

While women wait around for men to ask them out, men are waiting for women to ask them out. We are all playing a waiting game. How silly is that?

Asking someone out is no walk in the park either, so we are all waiting for quite a while. Opportunities are being missed and possible love interests are moving on. That right there is so unfortunate.

I believe it is time that we break out of the social construct of what dating “should be.” Ladies, if you like a man, stop waiting around and make a move! Women haven’t been scared in the past to get what they want, whether it be the right to vote or a high position job, so why don’t we get the men we want, too? Is that too farfetched? I don’t think so.

And gentlemen, please don’t forget chivalry; it is a beautiful thing. Sure, a lot of people prance around and shout “chivalry is dead,” but I believe otherwise. Chivalry isn’t dead; it is just very rare these days.

All in all, don’t let the status quo prevent you from asking someone out.

Stop waiting around like Cinderella for your prince to come. Glass slippers aren’t that comfortable. Be a trendsetter ... buy some sneakers and go get your prince instead.

By: Kaity Martin | Image: Source

What's Your Muse? College Gloss Mizzou's Fashion Show

Support College Gloss Mizzou by attending our fashion show Sunday, November 17 at 8 p.m. at Muse Clothing, located on 22 South 9th Street in downtown Columbia.

Tickets are only $5 and can be purchased in advance in MU's Speaker's Circle November 5 through 8 and in MU's Student Center November 13 through 15 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. All those who purchase tickets prior to the day of the show will be entered into a raffle to win prizes from local Columbia boutiques! Tickets are available for purchase at the door as well.

The doors will open at 7:30 p.m. the night of the show, so come get your seat and munch on some snacks. Every guest will receive prize items and will be entered to win a special giveaway.