Beauty 911: Quick fixes for all your beauty emergencies

Beauty disasters can strike at any moment, but don’t panic! Here are some clever and quick fixes for the most common beauty crises.

Broken Nail Desperate times call for desperate measures. Use the back of a matchbook to file down the damage until you get home for a proper fix.

Greasy Locks If you are lucky enough to have makeup or baby powder, dust a little product and massage into your roots for an uplift. Anything with alcohol in it also will work if you are powder-less. The alcohol soaks up oil. Alcohol hand wipes are especially effective for bangs, and hair spray works for larger areas like your roots.

Puffy Eyes Grab some spoons! Pop them in a freezer for a couple of minutes, and rest them on your eyes. The coolness of the metal will help drain the fluid around your eyes. Follow with an eye cream and your usual makeup.

Frizzy Hair Lotion is not only great for your skin but can smooth out your hair, too. Use a dime-sized dab and flatten over fly-aways. Be careful not to use too much though or you’ll end up looking greasy.

Shiny T-ZoneIf you find yourself with an oil slick and no oil blotting paper, toilet paper or a disposable seat cover works in a pinch. Just gently dab where you are feeling a little greasy, and watch the oil disappear.

Onset of a Pimple When a pimple starts brewing, ask for a glass of ice water with lemon. Hold the ice cube on the area to reduce the swelling. Finish with a dab of lemon on the blemish to dry it out quickly.

By: Casey Nighbor

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