Meet Todd Morris: MU Hottie & Cosmopolitan's Missouri Bachelor 2012

Have you ever found yourself thinking you need to be in L.A. or New York to find yourself a top-notch hottie with awesome style and a heart of gold? Well, all those doubts will be wiped away with one look at Todd Morris, 23-year-old MU nursing student and Cosmopolitan’s Missouri Bachelor 2012. This Lee’s Summit cutie and Mizzou senior is competing for $10,000 and the hearts of ladies everywhere with his sexy smile and sweet disposition. But beware girls, this bachelor is studious, hard working and family-oriented …. basically he’s perfect.

How did you get involved in this competition?
TM: Last spring break I was visiting my sister at TCU when my friend Emilia texted me asking if I wanted to make money. I believe her exact words were, “I’m whoring you out to America.”

Why did you decide to go for it?
TM: It just seemed harmless. I didn’t think it was going to go anywhere so I thought, “why not?”

What was your reaction when you found out you were chosen?
TM: I was pretty shocked. I was in disbelief because I didn’t really see it going anywhere. I was excited, and of course I said yes because who would pass this up?

What was the process like?
TM: After I signed on, I had to promise to stay single since they thought it would only be fair to the readers. Then we all flew to New York the last week of June. They drove us out to the Hamptons. It was the whole nine yards with hair, makeup and wardrobe.

How do you win?
TM: After voting ends on October 18th, the editorial staff at “Cosmopolitan” will judge the top ten bachelors with the most votes, and they will choose the winner.

When do you find out if you won?
TM: On October 17th, we are flying back to New York for three days, and we will appear on the “Today Show,” “Access Hollywood” and “Entertainment Tonight.” The night of the 19th, “Cosmo” is throwing a party where they’ll announce the winner.

What would you do with the $10,000 if you won?
TM: I probably would save half of it. My mom works for an investment company so she always hounds me to save. I’ll probably use the other half to pay back my parents for helping me get to New York and this process. I’d also like to buy a nice watch.

What reactions have you received from friends and family?
TM: A lot of people didn’t believe me at first! Everyone has been really excited though. My mom was worried about me being shirtless in “Cosmo,” but I think she’s warmed up to the idea of me being in a national magazine.

Why did you decide to come to Mizzou?
TM: It’s the only college I applied to. Growing up, I just knew I wanted to come here.

Why did you choose nursing as your major?
TM: My grandpa was a doctor so he kind of pushed me into doing medicine. I started off going pre-med, but my sophomore year my sister got brain cancer. When she died, my relationship with her hospice nurse and how great she was to my sister made me want to do nursing.

What is your favorite thing about Mizzou?
TM: The environment and the camaraderie. I feel like a lot of colleges lack the college atmosphere we have.

Where could we find you on a Friday night in Columbia?
TM: I usually go out to the bars with friends, like Harpo’s or Big 12. Or some nights I stay in and lounge with the guys. It’s nice to have a quiet night once and awhile.

What would a date with you be like in Columbia?
TM: Probably a late dinner, maybe at Flat Branch, and then a walk around campus to the columns and other popular sites.  

What do you look for in a girl?
TM: Oh gosh, someone that is goal-oriented and down to earth. She isn’t afraid to take charge and knows what she wants and where she wants to end up. Family is a huge part too. You don’t just marry the girl, you marry the family. And being attractive is always a plus.

How old were you when you had your first kiss?
TM: I think I was eight. My mom had work friends over and one had a daughter that I ended up kissing under the bed. My first kiss was with some random girl I met!

What’s your favorite movie?
TM: “Braveheart.”

What kind of music do you like?
TM: Anything. I’m on a Mumford & Sons kick right now. Also, Imagine Dragons are good.

What song is playing on your iPod right now?
TM: “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons.

How would you describe your fashion style?
TM: I like the dress-down look — a nice pair of jeans with a tucked-in shirt or v-neck.

What do you see your future as?
TM: Hopefully, I’ll be happily married. I think growing up, I always saw myself being married at a young age because my parents got married young. But now, there are things I want to accomplish first, like graduate school and seeing the world.

To vote for this Missouri catch, log onto and select Missouri for your bachelor winner. Voting ends Thursday, October 18th at 6 a.m. EST, so hurry! Who knows, he may even reward you with a thank-you kiss if you do … just kidding!

By: Catherine Rolwes | Images: Katie Hogsett


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