Dorm Diaries: Tales From Mizzou

Would You Like a Drink with That?

“One night, my roommate and I ended up going to the same party. I saw her, we talked, and then we both went our separate ways. So when I got back to my room that night I noticed that she had already been back earlier in the night. She had spilled Sprite all over my desk, homework, computer and the wall. ‘You’ve got to be kidding me,’ I thought. She wasn’t in the room so I started cleaning it up because there were puddles everywhere. My friend decided she was going to help me look for my roommate, but when she couldn’t find her I decided to help. When we went into the hall the second time, we saw one of her guy friends, and he was wearing my T-shirt. So, obviously I told him to take my shirt off, and he totally refused.

Later that night, she finally came home, and when she saw how upset I was she claimed to not even know that it (her Sprite) had spilled. So, like a good friend, my friend that had been with me all night stood up for me and started telling her...that you shouldn’t treat your roommate like that. You could clearly tell that my roommate was drunk because she acted like she didn’t even care...

The next morning she walked in and saw me on my computer and said, ‘Oh, I see your computer is working fine...' ... then she decided to do laundry, when all of a sudden I got a super long text about how everything last night went really bad and she even told me that I was the one being immature for letting my friends talk to her the way they did.

She eventually said she’d pay for my computer if anything was wrong with it, which made me feel a little better, but as I kept reading she still said I was the one at fault for the whole incident. So, I responded saying that I didn’t want to fight with her over a text and said that we should talk about it in person. Even after that, she still said that ... she wanted to talk to me with an R.A. mediating. Yeah, well that never happened because instead she came into the room and said that she was sorry for texting me and that she did it because she chickened out. I mean after all, this I was just kind of like ‘whatever;’ I was ready to just be done.

Finally, she actually wrote out a contract with some of the things she had done wrong in it; you know, like bringing strange people into our room and messing things up, or spilling drinks all over my desk. The contract was kind of her way of saying that she wasn’t going to do it again because she agreed that it wasn’t acceptable for either of us to be doing.

Ever since then, things have been a little awkward, and I feel like I always have to be on my guard. I’m always putting all my stuff away so it doesn’t get messed up. I feel like you shouldn’t feel like you have to be on guard with a person you’re going to be living with for a year. I guess it’s in the past now, but it’s definitely an incident that I will never forget.”
--Tessa, MU freshman

Water Damage

“Last week, my roommate and I were taking a nap and my suitemates were watching a movie when all of a sudden we heard a faint, beeping noise. None of us thought much of it, so we all just kind of ignored it and tried to go back to sleep with our fingers in our ears. After a couple of minutes, I peeked out of my door and saw my R.A. running down the hall saying, ‘Get out of the hallways! I don’t want to get fired!’ But she never said to go downstairs, so my suitemates and I just stayed in our rooms. And then, I heard a huge commotion, so I went to go check it out, and I saw water coming out of the door from the guys’ room next to me. My R.A. started yelling again and telling us that the fire department was coming but that we couldn’t be in the hallways.

After that, we all went back into our room again and started taking ‘precautions’ like putting towels under the door, so the water wouldn’t come under into our rooms. Eventually, the fire department came and turned off the alarm. When I got to open my door, I got to see the guy who did it open his door, and it was like a foot of water just flowing out of his room because it was like the pressure of a hose going off for 12 minutes. Then, I noticed that the water was moving really quickly down the hallway and not only was there a ton of it, but it was nasty brown water that you could tell had been in the system for a while...

We ended up staying outside for like five hours just waiting for them to let us go back in. Even though we were supposed to have gone downstairs right when it happened, if we hadn’t stayed in our room and taken precautions and moved everything up off the floor, it would have been a lot worse because it was leaking through the walls. Eventually, when we got to go back in, the adviser took us into our room one at a time to see if anything was damaged. They told us that they would replace anything that had been messed up from the water, but the bad news is that they’re still debating whether the guy has to pay for everyone’s things or not ... it was such a crazy experience.”
--Alli, MU freshman

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By: Kate Ryan | Image: Eva Lopez


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