Mizzou Cribs: Hudson Hall's Coolest Pads

College Gloss Mizzou takes a look inside Hudson Hall at some of the best decorated and "pimped out" on-campus cribs.

Mizzou Crib #1:
Bill Chlanda 

MU freshman Bill Chlanda uses creative and artsy posters as well as string lights to create a chill, beach-themed vibe in his Hudson Hall single room.

Chlanda sits on his futon that’s nicely decorated with what else — a Mizzou blanket. 

The beach and ocean themed posters serve as inspiration for Chlanda. 

“After college I want to live on the beach in Pensacola, Florida,” he said. “My family vacations there every summer.” 

Chlanda’s string lights help set the calm, ambient mood.

Mizzou Crib #2:

Chelsea Pepmiller

Chelsea Pepmiller, a junior and Hudson Hall first floor PA, shows off her stylish and sleek space. 

“I knew I wanted my room to be black and white, so those colors were my main inspiration,” Pepmiller said. “Then I threw in some green so it wouldn’t be too dull.” 

Pepmiller’s cork board looks like it came straight from Pinterest; her cork board doubles as a fashion inspiration board and as a necklace holder. 

An overview of the black, white and green theme of Pepmiller’s room.

Mizzou Crib #3:
Jacob Pechauer

Freshman Jacob Pechauer’s dorm room is set up as the ultimate hangout spot and man cave that’s complete with three TV's and one "mega bed."

Pechauer poses across his and his roommate's "mega bed."

“My roommate and I decided to put our two beds together to make one huge, epic mega bed,” Pechauer explained. “That way we’d have more room to sleep and more room to fit lots of girls to sleep with ... I’m kidding about the second part by the way,” Pechauer added with a laugh. 

“Another reason why my roommate and I set up our mega bed was because it allowed for us to have a lot more room to set up our three-TV entertainment system,” Pechauer said. “It left a lot of room for people to come hang out and watch TV.” 

Pechauer and two friends relax as they enjoy his impressive yet dorm-friendly entertainment system. 

Stay tuned for our next Mizzou cribs installment. We may just be coming to your dorm! Let us know if you've seen a sweet on-campus crib you think we should check out.

By: Eva Lopez


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