Get Supermodel Miranda Kerr's Unique Look

Dressing well is not a matter of geography or budget, but a matter of creativity. In this column, I wanted to move away from downtown shops in Columbia, Mo., and instead take a drive down Stadium to the Columbia Mall.

Fashionable people tend to scoff at the idea of the mall, deeming it for the masses, the middle school population or for those who are fashion-challenged. I must admit, I have tended to gravitate to more independent lines myself, but Target is just too tempting! The notion that you can’t find style in a mall is just not true.

And to prove that a unique look can be mass-produced by mall chains, I recreated two looks inspired by the angelic supermodel Miranda Kerr.

Kerr is not just enviable because she happens to be Orlando Bloom’s wife but because her style is spot-on for any college student looking for inspiration. It’s trendy with a rock edge, but also minimal at the same time; you won’t find her bogged down with accessories. This translates well for a college student who can’t be too excessive on a daily basis.

That being said, minimalism can get dull. So to show how her minimal pieces can be incorporated to fit your personal style, I created two looks using her basic outfit as the building blocks for each style: Fashion Lady for feminine style or Urban Legend for urbanite style. 

Both looks feature a black blazer (I chose one from Target), and I show you how to go from day to night with a black blazer in two different styles. And yes, every single piece is from a store you can find in the mall.

Day Outfit:

Take a page from Miranda’s book with this pullover layered over a thin, flowy top. Add an additional layer with the blazer for the collegiate look. This outfit is easy to put together for fall, and each piece can be used in many ways apart from these two outfits.

Night Outfit:

For nighttime, take the same black blazer and layer it over a leopard skirt and flowy gray tee. This sounds like an odd mix, but that is where the chicness of the outfit comes from. A hat and oxfords (daring girls, try this with rolled down socks like Kerr’s) transforms the outfit to a whole new style level. Then add tights and boots with a pop of color on the clutch to keep it girly stylish.

We can’t all be Miranda Kerr, but remember this fashion proverb now and for always: style is a state of mind, not a geographic location. Even with an abundance of strollers, food courts and kiosks, you can indeed find style. Now, who’s up for a ride on the carousel?

By: Kayla Elam | Images: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5


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