MU Democrats Voice Their Opinions on Re-electing President Obama

Here's what some MU students had to say about President Obama and the 2012 election.

“I didn’t agree with Mitt Romney on any of the issues they debated. As far as my demographic group goes, my age and financial background and the issues that pertain to it, Romney didn’t seem like the right guy. Obama is. That’s why I voted for Obama.”
-Nic Cook, freshman

“Education is the issue that’s most important to me. I think we as a nation need to make it a priority for students of all ages and socioeconomic statuses, also making higher education attainable to more citizens. And I believe Obama is the man who understands why that should be such a big priority.”
-Ruth Bowhay, senior

“I think if Romney were to win the election and take over Washington, a lot of the wealth would be kept to people like him who already have too much of it. His conservative views would also limit opportunity for progression in our country.”
-Kristina Bowlus, freshman

“I didn’t like Romney’s social views at all. Obama’s social stances are what swayed me to vote for Obama.”
-Chantal Lewis, freshman

“I believe Obama should win re-election. If he were to win re-election, he could continue making progress in his second term in regards to social issues, getting all of our troops out of Afghanistan, improving ObamaCare, and making education a priority.”
-Shing Him Ng, freshman

“Romney has proposed cutting spending on Planned Parenthood and has stated his opposition to abortion. Obama is a defender of women’s rights, has implemented platforms to make birth control free, and is pro-choice. I want a president who looks after my rights, and Obama is that guy.”
-Alyssa Goltz, freshman

“I voted for Obama. I don’t trust Romney. Whenever I think of Romney, I always think of a statement he said a while ago regarding student loans. He said, 'I made it through paying for college without any help, so everyone else should too.' And I can’t help to think, well 'hey, Romney, we’re not all millionaires like you.'”
-Greg Minkler, freshman

“As a college student, education is important to me, and I did not agree with how Romney was seeking to cut federal spending on the Pell Grants. Obama works towards lowering the student debt and helping us get through paying for college; Romney seems to not care.” 
-Jeremy St. Amand, freshman

By: Eva Lopez | Image: Source


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