2012 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Empowers Some, Repulses Others

The month of December has already brought so many wonderful things. This lovely list consists of sweater weather, yummy shop scents, red Starbucks cups and the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Yes, you read that correctly. I happen to find something so empowering about impossibly gorgeous women strutting their stuff in the cutest underwear money can buy; however, I learned that not everyone finds the show to be a good thing. In fact, many girls at Mizzou find the show to be degrading to women.

“I understand that Victoria’s Secret sells lingerie, but I do not get why they have to parade the women around in it,” freshman Alexa Barton said.

Every year the show features around 20 models in the show, a handful of them having contracts with the company. This year’s show was nothing short of the usual majestic and awe-inspiring theme that it’s famous for. Each unique look allowed the creativity of the designers to come through. My personal favorite was the calendar section. Every look was designed to portray a month of the year. The best part of the different looks is how much fun the girls on the runway have with them.

“I do not really understand why the show is such a big issue,” freshman Danielle Burrage said. “I think the purpose of it is to bring people together, not to make girls feel bad about themselves. If you don’t like it, just don’t watch it. I just think the combination of fashion and beautiful women is inspiring.”

The show’s featured performers were Bruno Mars, Rihanna and Justin Bieber, who each performed their latest hits. Though each artist added a different energy to the show, some of the viewers were not satisfied.

“Justin Bieber’s performance was not that great, and his presence was somewhat inappropriate,” Burrage said. “He was clearly checking the women out, and I really did not need to see his boyish fantasies fulfilled. It was uncomfortable.”

Though the music was upbeat and fun, the models definitely stole the show. There’s something about the intense, sexy look each of them seems to wear uniformly and the mile-long legs makes them seem, well, perfect. Each model practices a very strict diet and exercise schedule to maintain their ultra-thin, but healthy, bodies. Despite the fact that the Angels lack the malnourished look that many fashion models have, they receive the same type of criticism concerning the body image of the average woman.

“Women just don’t look like that,” Barton said. “I think that Victoria’s Secret, like many other beauty brands, is trying to portray an image of what women should look like instead of encouraging them to love themselves how they are.”

Whether you love or hate it, the show is here to stay for now and can be found on CBS every holiday season.

By: Morgan Young | Image: Source


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