Ring In The New Year With Ease: The Perfect NYE Attire

It just wouldn’t be the holiday season if you didn’t already have a list of a million things to do. You look up and suddenly the leaves have been stripped from all the trees, and getting out of your warm, snug bed in the morning becomes close cousins with torture.

It’s time to face the ruthless crowds of determined shoppers and attempt to squeeze in time for family, friends and all the holiday festivities. With the chilly air comes the timeless question of, “what in the world am I going to wear?”

Upon walking outside into the notoriously bipolar weather of the Midwest, it hits you that the real question is, “how am I supposed to look cute and stay warm at the same time?” Well fear not, there are plenty of options just in the vicinity of downtown Columbia that will accomplish both of these seemingly unrelated terms in today’s fashion world.

It’s really not about finding “the perfect New Year’s dress.” The key is to purchase separates, and with the right accessories, you can wear it more than once without even your best friend’s noticing.

CG Mizzou writer Katie Hogsett decided to venture downtown with a friend to find the perfect New Year's Eve ensemble. 

The first store we stopped by was Envy, in between 8th and 9th streets on Broadway. Not only does this store constantly get in new merchandise, but it definitely has the most reasonable prices out of all the stores we went into. 

The peplum skirt. *Sigh.* I’ve never been more ecstatic about the shape of a skirt before this trend rose from the dust. If you’re a girl with no curves, it gives you a lot of shape. If you’re a girl who doesn’t like her curves, it cuts off the largest part of your waist and gives you a more defined hourglass look. Now you’re probably thinking, “what about the warm part?” Well, hopefully at this point in time you’ve invested in a winter coat of some kind.

These adorable red heels (from Breeze) would add a much-needed pop of color to the outfit.

Any type of neutral-colored blazer, trench or peacoat will go perfectly with this. Throw on some sheer tights and a pair of chandelier earrings, and you’re set.

The next store we went into was Breeze, located on 908 East Broadway. This store has a tremendous selection of dresses and heels. It made it really difficult to narrow down the best options, so I really suggest that you go see for yourself, especially due to varying body types.

This outfit is really versatile; if you deconstruct it, you can wear the blazer with a fitted top, jeans and some ballet flats. There are countless combinations just waiting to be discovered with this one because the neutral colors make it easy to pair with a pop of color.

After Breeze, we headed over to Britches on the corner of Ninth and Locust streets. This little boutique always seems to have the most unique pieces out of all the stores. If you’re concerned about current trends, this is definitely the spot to go.

I’m obsessed with this gold skirt with a subtle leopard print (great for showing some tiger spirit!). The cropped leather jacket tapers at just the right place on your waist, and the teal, suede pumps give it a nice Christmas tree accent. The price range at Britches varies, but tends to be on the higher end for the most part. The skirt is $38, the jacket is $75, and the tank top underneath is $10.

Due to the lack of color in the previous outfits, we picked out this stunning, scarlet dress. Not only is red a flattering color on almost every skin tone, but its only $45. It would be good for any holiday event while simultaneously spreading some Christmas cheer. The sleeves provide a little bit more warmth and give structure to the dress. Now all you need are some black or nude wedges, printed black tights and a warm coat.

I’ve been eyeing this chunky, triangle necklace for a while now, and it even comes with a pair of matching earrings. It would also look fantastic with a sheer oxford of almost any color paired with a leather jacket and dark wash skinny jeans.

The last store we went into was Swank, located right across the street from Envy on 913 East Broadway. This store is definitely the most expensive of them all, so hopefully you weren’t too naughty this year. However, you get what you pay for, and they have a variety of well-made, higher-end brands.

I fell in love with these Free People ivory skinny jeans with a leather stripe down the side. Underneath is a perforated leather shirt that was perfect with the faux fur vest. The color scheme of this being simply black and white allows you to put in your own personal touch. This could be removing the vest and replacing it with a sequin blazer or maybe adding your favorite oversized tote. We chose a cobalt blue clutch that has just enough room for all your going-out essentials with a gold cuff link. I have to say the shoes are my favorite part, though. They are super easy to walk in and are what I consider a winter must-have. Plus, what better way to start off the New Year than with a contagious sense of confidence and a fierce pair of heels?

Now, it's your turn! Grab your Christmas money and head to downtown Columbia, so you can look your best this New Year's Eve.

By: Katie Hogsett


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