5 Dating Tips to Capture the Heart of Mr. Right

Imagine for a second you are in your dorm room (or apartment) sitting on your bed. Your mind is racing and your nerves are going haywire because you think you just met the one.

He was perfect, every quality you could ever imagine in your dream guy wrapped into one hot package. You’re basically frothing at the mouth as you describe each moment of his biblical epicness to your half-attentive roommate as she mutters “hmm” or “oh, wow” appropriately every few minutes from behind her laptop. And to think, he lives just two floors down and loves attending summer music festivals just as much as you do (cue the wedding bells)!

Maybe you both exchanged cell numbers or added each other on Facebook and you simply don’t have the patience to wait until the next time you run into him at the library. You’re tempted to send him a little “just wanted to say hey” text or maybe a shoot him a flirty poke on Facebook … after all, he must feel as excited as you do right now, right?

You know you should probably wait until he reaches out to you, but you cave. You hit the send button, you knock on his door and invite him to coffee, you sit at his favorite table at the library just incase he decides to study that night. You can’t help but think: “Was it too soon? Do I seem clingy? Was that too forward?” Then, the nerves kick back in, along with the nail-biting anticipation of his response or arrival.

We’ve all been there. You’ve had a similar experience. You’re shaking your head.

Let’s face it, you may have blown it once or twice with Mr. Right, or maybe you haven’t even met him yet, but from now on, you’ll never have to worry about your next romance being the one who got away. Here are a few time-tested tips to being irresistible, on-demand and keeping your man around!

Tip One: 

Be a woman unlike any other women! This isn’t something you are born with - it takes practice, practice, practice! It is being confident and radiating happiness and self-worth from head to toe. Stand up straight, smile genuinely, laugh loudly, be present in every moment, do everything with purpose and captivate the crowded room. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you look like, any girl can channel her inner goddess. It has always been said that if you think, “I am a woman unlike any other woman,” you will radiate confidence, charm and charisma, and people will be drawn to you like moths to a flame.

Likewise, if you think, “I feel insecure, and I don’t have self-confidence,” people will not be able to recognize how great you really are. So be mindful about the way you carry yourself. Be fluid, calm, sexy and genuine, not frigid, jerky or anxious. You are a woman unlike any other woman!

Tip Two: 

Let men do the chasing! Mystery is very alluring to men. They love the chase and are attracted to girls who make them work for their attention. If you are at a party or the library and make flirty eye contact with a cute guy, let him come to you first! It may sound extreme or painfully hard (especially if he looks like Leonardo DiCaprio), but it works. Don’t stare too much. It is best if you just seem generally interested in your surroundings, the people around you, or life in general, than to look at him like he is live prey. When they do come up and talk to you, be attentive but cool - don’t give away too much at first. Keep the conversation light while being yourself and showing that you are smart, interesting, funny and a woman unlike any other woman!

If he is really interested, which he should be if you are using these tips, he will ask for your number, find you on Facebook or even suggest you meet up for dinner or coffee sometime. But even if he does, don’t forget about the chase. You have to maintain this air of mystery, or he may get easily bored and move on.

Tip Three: 

Keep yourself busy! If you are a woman unlike any other woman, you are on-demand at all times. Keep your schedule packed with activities and plans, such as social outings with friends, study sessions, volunteering, working out, jobs, clubs and activities. That way you can meet more people, learn, grow and mature in the process! It also helps to keep busy if you have a date coming up, that way you are not obsessing or stressing about the date, and your mind can be on other things instead of psyching yourself out. It’s important to end the date or phone call first, leaving your dream guy wanting to hear from you or see you more often! Again, it may sound harsh or extreme, but these are time-tested tips because they work. Let him realize that you are a beautiful, on-demand and busy woman!

Tip Four: 

Don’t rush into physical intimacy right away! Remember, guys love the chase, and if they can get in bed with you after the first date, the mystery and allure will be ruined right away! If you really think he is Mr. Right, make him work hard for your affection. If you want to keep him around, no more than kissing on the first couple of dates. Leave the rest up to his imagination so that he will want to see you again and again. If your relationship does move to that level of physical intimacy, make sure that you are ready, be safe, and always use protection.

Tip Five: 

Move on, and don’t linger on rejection! Love is a very unfair game at times. Feelings often get hurt and heartbreaks do happen. If you end a relationship or get broken up with, it is okay to mourn. Take time for yourself and grieve what you once had, but the main thing to remember is to pick yourself up after a few days and get back in the game! Life is short, and time stops for no woman! So put on your cutest outfit, do your hair and makeup, and go out with your friends to parties, clubs, events and dinners, and put yourself out there! Don’t become too hung up or overanalyze men who reject you- another great guy is on the way and is excited to meet you and get to know you. It’s his loss … next!

So whether you’re dating, tied down, single and looking, or somewhere in between, these tips can help change your relationship from a fling to a long-term thing! Practice makes perfect, so get out there, and have fun! Remember: be mysterious, be alluring, be yourself, and be a woman unlike any other woman!

By: Abigail Grohmann | Image: Source


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