CG Mizzou’s Top 5 List of the Best & Worst Dressed at the Grammys

The Grammys may be a wrap, but the red carpet fashion lives on. As with most award shows, some stars looked like royalty and some looked straight up off-key. The College Gloss Mizzou team watched every misstep and has a lot to say about what they loved and hated about the fashion on music's biggest night. (Somebody get Taylor's stylist on the phone!)

Top 5 Best Dressed


“Rihanna is not always my favorite, but I have to admit that I loved her style last night. She looked so elegant in red, and her hair was perfection.”  -Abby Kass

“Lady in red. Rihanna was the definition of glamorous in this flowing crimson gown. Her bold red lips and nails complemented her ensemble without overdoing it.” -Candice Brew

Kelly Rowland

“The strategic peek-a-boo panels in this dress are the definition of being tastefully sexy. She looks strong, sophisticated and just downright hot. A big ol’ “WOW” sums up my feelings for this look, head-to-toe.” -Veronica DeStefano

“Kelly Rowland embodies the perfect balance of sexy and classy in this gorgeous gown. She was absolutely working it.” -Luria Freeman

“Rowland looked stunning in this Georges Chakra gown. She managed to give off the perfect amount of sex-appeal while remaining classy. Not to mention, her natural-looking makeup and simple updo was the way to go with such an extravagant dress.” -Candice Brew

Carrie Underwood

“Carrie looked amazing in the dress. It fit her perfectly and was interesting, but at the same time showed off that amazing diamond necklace.” -Abby Kass

Katy Perry

“Some people might hate this, but I think it’s simplistically beautiful, and also Katy is my spirit animal so...” -Alise Murawski

"Gucci at the Grammys. What more needs to be said?" -Kayla Elam

Justin Timberlake

“Simple, yet so stylish and classy. Men can’t go wrong with that look.” -Abby Kass

"I love a good bow tie and a good shoe on any guy, but this Tom Ford on Justin? Just wow." -Kayla Elam

Top 5 Worst Dressed


“I’m all for Adele getting past her all black stage, but wearing a rug isn’t an improvement.” -Cheyenne Roundtree

Florence Welch 

“She looks like some kind of ginger reptile. Godzilla in America.” -Luria Freeman

Jennifer Lopez 

“Sad but true. That bun does not belong at the Grammys, and the weird crotch on her dress ... just no.” -Luria Freeman

"Angelina Jolie already did the high slit, leg pose. Sorry J. Lo, try again!" -Lindsay Keaton

Taylor Swift

“I feel like I’ve seen this before from her ... branch out a little T-Swizzle!” -Alise Murawski

John Mayer

“Not feeling the velvet blue jacket and the blue bowtie that doesn’t really match.” -Abby Kass

The stars should never fear, though, because the next few weeks will bring more award shows with new fashion for us to gossip and drool over. We'll be watching.

By: CG Mizzou Staff


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