Premature Pressures: Looking Forward to Spring Break

As soon as everyone returned to campus after a long winter break filled with extensive holiday dinners (and of course, desserts), the one thing on people’s minds is the inevitable: spring break. Following that train of thought, the anxiety to get bikini-ready bodies is setting in. With T-minus 44 days and counting, I look at these crazy girls already hitting the gym and working their butts off with amazement.

Are you guys insane? I don’t want to diet and workout! As a guilty procrastinator, as I would expect most college students to be, why the hell are you working on this two months early?! Sorry ladies, enjoy your celery and water, but I want Buffalo Wild Wings so I’m going to get it. We’re young! Why not take advantage of the metabolism while we can?

I have an already fit-and-healthy friend who bought Insanity, an $80 cardio DVD program, over break. Let’s stop there … Insanity? It already sounds way too intense for me. She got a set of 12 DVDs that have various one-hour workouts. The promise? Keep up with the workouts for 60 days, and you’ll get the perfect, toned body. Yeah, ooookay. Who in their right mind can keep up with that for two months? That takes a whole lot of determination and sacrifice that I just can’t handle. Especially with this cold, dreary weather, who wants to get up from their comfy bed and feel the burn? To quote one of my favorite trainers, Fat Amy, “Yeah, don’t put me down for cardio...” I’ll stick to that horizontal running.

So ladies, I’ll leave you with this: If you’re already on your spring break workout grind, kudos to you. You’re far more determined than my lazy ass.

If you’re one of those girls that attempts but seems to always get distracted or slip up, it’s okay! You’re in the majority. You’re still going to have a blast on vacation and a smile is the most attractive thing you can wear. For inspiration, check out College Gloss's workout essentials and makeup products for the gym.

And for my fellow bums, I haven’t forgotten about you. Feel comfortable in your own skin, and don’t let the stress of a Victoria’s Secret body upset you or change your lifestyle.

This spring break-inspired article is part of Lindsay Keaton’s weekly “girly rants” lifestyle column, which addresses issues occupying the minds of college women today.

By: Lindsay Keaton | Images: 1, 2, 3


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