Anticipating Sweet Summertime

In light of the recent “Snowpocalypse” and lingering snow banks, I have discovered a new appreciation for the sun, summer and everything that comes along with it. Let’s face it: EVERYTHING, and I mean everything, is better in the summer.

Physically? Yeah, I like being tan and skinnier. In the summer, you don’t even have to try to be tan! You’re outside and poof! it just happens … and I like that. Plus, foods are lighter and healthier, meaning a lazy person’s favorite weapon against weight gain. I miss my fresh fruits, like days where I could inhale an entire watermelon in one sitting. Don’t act like you haven’t done it.

It’s almost like the sun comes out and scares away that extra 10 pounds that I couldn’t shake during the winter. I guess it helps that when it is warm outside, it’s actually fun to be active. Like I said last time, dragging my butt to the gym is not a frequent event by any means, but beach volleyball and swimming don’t feel like the rigorous workouts that make me wary of the Rec.

And don’t forget how good the guys look when playing some casual football in the yard (shirtless). Or slicking their hair back and getting out of the pool (shirtless)…. Or driving around in their trucks with the windows down (shirtless)… Or maybe I’ll get back on topic.

Anyway… summer!

Who doesn’t miss throwing on jean shorts and a tank top or feeling confident in a string bikini? Summer clothes are actually the best. I love the bright colors and skin-baring pieces of the warm months. Our “cozy sweaters” that we were so excited for a few months ago get really old, but a flowy dress or cutoffs and a cute top never seem to.

And of course, you can’t forget that summer means NO SCHOOL, and that means a lot of things: Namely, no worries. No homework. No exams. No essays. Hallelujah, amen, praise the Lord! Nothing sounds better at this moment.

I thought the groundhog predicted early spring this year? Come on buddy, help a sister out here.

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