Dating: The Dangers of Sexting

Sexting? Me? Never. Nope. I don’t think so. Not in a million years, thank you very much. However, recently, some of my friends have been receiving or sending sexts.

For those of you out of the loop, sexting is the sending or receiving of explicit sexual pictures by cell phone. It’s gotten a lot of attention in recent years as kids across the country (and really, I mean kids) got into it, and it’s become a fuzzy area for legal rights because it’s often two minors exchanging photos. Anti-child pornography laws don’t exactly cover that sort of situation.

For someone who can barely manage their iPhone’s email, sexting seems like kind of a stretch, personally. I barely trust myself to type out an important email properly (constant proofreading is pretty much a hobby...or do they call that OCD?).

Some people like sexting because it’s a unique new take on foreplay, or a way to inject excitement into a relationship. Whatever happened to going to a different restaurant? You know, I heard about this one on the Travel Channel where it’s completely pitch black and they blindfold their guests ... isn’t that exciting? Now, with the iPhone/iPod app Snapchat, it’s easy to send pictures back and forth to people without worrying the picture will be saved.

That is, unless your friends or sexting-recipient is pretty good at screenshots. Because even on Snapchat, you can screenshot pictures if you’re quick enough. I should know. There are a few embarrassing photos that made their way to Facebook after I went on a dorky Snapchat spree a few weeks ago. (Yes, I’m talking to you, suitemates!)

Okay, you caught me; I was judging a little bit up there. The truth is, I would be terrified to sext. It’s control-loving Alise losing control of a very compromising piece of information.

Personally, it’s just a fad I can’t get behind. Call me old-fashioned, but I definitely don’t want pictures of me in my underthings floating around the interwebs! That’s terrifying!

Granted, I’m also afraid to plug in my iPod sometimes because I worry that my computer will wipe it out, and I obsessively back up my important files.

Let’s get to the point: I don’t trust technology. And you might be thinking, “Well Alise, that’s kind of a problem in this technological day and age, isn’t it?”

Yes. Yes it is. But that’s a different topic, not dating related.

There are even some interesting PSAs out there about sexting because those are pretty sensitive pictures you’re sending around. They can range from pretty funny, like this one featuring "Inside the Actor’s Studio" host James Lipton, to that of a more serious nature.

Bottom line? Sexting is your choice, but it’s a choice you need to make with the utmost caution. Trust me, you will thank me if you were careful.

By: Alise Murawski | Image: Source


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