Mizzou's Got Style: Aiming for Argyle, Haute Waists and Artistic Accessories

This week brought three more unique Tigers to our attention on the campus catwalk. See what these fashionable students rocked during the final chilly days of February. 

Aiming for Argyle

The chic men’s attire of GQ Magazine plays as the stylistic muse of this freshman broadcast journalism major. Brian Cooper didn’t hesitate to take that inspiration and make argyle look awesome. His dark colors contrasted with his neutral shoes perfectly, making for a preppy, clean-cut outfit. When asked for fashion advice, Cooper said, “Just being yourself is the most important factor with style. Never care what other people think as long as you're feeling it.”

Statement Pieces on a Budget: sweater, jacket, shoes

Haute Waists

The night before Javia Gulliam, freshman international business major, put on this ensemble, she watched “The Secret Life of Bees” and became inspired by June Boatwright’s high-waist jeans and crisp white T-shirt. Gulliam, of course, added her own edge to the outfit by pairing it with leopard print accessories and a warm knit cardigan. “I don’t think I fall into a category,” Gulliam said about her style. She marches to the beat of her own fashionable drum and avoids following trends, like the true creative soul she is.

Statement Pieces on a Budget: scarf, pants, loafers

Artistic Accessories

Meet Nathan Coffing, a stylish, freshman journalism major who loves to travel. “My favorite accessory came from Paris,” Coffing said in regards to a vintage moon-faced pendant he was wearing. Retro, James Dean-esque pieces and antique accessories rule his wardrobe. When asked how he puts a great ensemble together, Coffing clued us into one of his major style rules: “Know what your color coordination is going to be when you’re getting dressed, and never mix blacks and browns!”

Statement Pieces on a Budget: gage, necklace, boots

This article is a part of Candice Brew's weekly campus fashion column that captures Mizzou students looking their finest.
By: Candice Brew


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