5 Tips for Finding Your Perfect Summer Job

Summer brings a ton of fun things to do: you could hit the pool, visit a zoo, go to an amusement park, head out on a road trip or update your summer wardrobe. But what is one thing these all have in common? Money. Time to find a summer job! But where to begin? Below, we’ve listed five great summer jobs that can help you make some extra bank to spend on fun this summer!

1. We All Scream for Ice Cream!
A lot of ice cream parlors and shops only open seasonally, so they are usually looking for summer-only help. They are also generally staffed with college-aged kids, so you will feel right at home with your coworkers.

2. Save a Life

Becoming a lifeguard is definitely a traditional summer break job. This job takes a bit of training, so be aware that it is not one you can start right off the bat if you’ve never done it. To be a lifeguard, you need to be able to swim 500 meters in under 10 minutes and be certified in CPR, First Aid and AED. If you love the outdoors, sun and water, look into taking a training course and becoming a lifeguard at your local pool.

3. Help Kids Learn
If you like children, or happen to be an education major, look into helping teach or being a camp counselor. Lots of businesses have children’s camps or programs over the summer. Places to look into are churches, museums, schools, daycares and zoos. Plus, a job like this allows your nights to be free.

4. Passion for Fashion
A job in retail can be very enjoyable if you love clothes and fashion. Getting a retail job is a great idea if you want to get a summer job that can extend after summer. Pick a few of your favorite stores and put in some applications. You will enjoy helping people pick out clothes at a store you love and you will also get a discount--hello shopping spree!

5. Life is a Roller Coaster
Amusement parks are constantly hiring for summer only help. They also have tons of jobs to choose from, including food service, running the rides, helping work shows and running fun side games. If you love interacting with people, try being one of the game workers--you will get to talk to tons of people and give cute stuffed animals away!

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By: Lindsay Laderoute | Image: Source


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