Balance Summer Fun and a Job Like a Pro

There comes a time when summer isn’t just for going to camps, hanging out by the pool and sleeping in. As the years go by everyone learns that summer is the prime time for making money, even if working isn’t exactly high on the summer bucket list. It’s a dilemma we all face as we grow up: balancing fun in the summer with a job. However, if gone about the right way, fun and money can both be made in those short summer months.

Here are a few helpful tips for balancing summertime with worktime.

1. Plan far in advance
That means plan everything from a simple lunch date with a friend to a weeklong family vacation with plenty of time to organize your work schedule. If you know your family is going on vacation at some point during the summer, sit down with your parents and plan it out so you can go into work and talk to your boss about time off immediately. The same goes for visiting friends. It will make your life easier as well as everyone elses’ lives easier.

2. Find a summer job that isn’t extremely demanding
Working 9 to 5 in the summer is such a bummer; look for a job that is morning only or just at night. Restaurants, for example, aren’t always open all day. Some don’t open until the evening during the week, which means employees can sleep in everyday before work.

3. Make friends at work 
If you become close with your co-workers your job will seem a lot more enjoyable and can even lead to some pretty amazing friendships outside of work as well. Although having good friends at work can distract you from actually doing your job, it will still make you a lot happier about having to work while all of your other friends get to hang out at the pool.

4. Don’t be afraid to request days off from work
You will not be the only one during the summer months wanting some time off. Employers know that as a college student you want to visit your friends and family during the summer, and as long as you give them plenty of notice and work hard before your time off it shouldn’t be a problem.

5. Don’t go to work with a negative attitude
If you go in with a negative attitude you will hate your job, but if you work with a positive attitude you will learn to like it and maybe even love it. Also, your boss will notice your negative attitude, and that isn’t a good thing. Businesses want positive employees who help the company thrive.

6. Think of all the money you will be making 
This should be your number one motivation for working in the summer. Plus, the money you make can pay for those road trips to visit friends, late night Andy’s cravings or Taco Bell trips and new summer clothes.

Follow these easy steps, and you just might have enough money to fund all of your summer adventures!

By: Katie Johns | Image: Source


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