Perfect Abs: How to Do Your Plank Right

Summertime is definitely the time we are all concerned about how our bodies look. The one area almost all of us have at the top of our fitness list are ours abs. Whether you want to rock a cute bikini or try out summer’s hot trend of a crop top, you want your abs to be flat, toned and looking hot. A move everyone should have in their ab workout is the plank. Planks can help you get flat abs in no time, but only if you are doing them right. Below are four ways you might be sabotaging your planks and how to fix them so you can get flat, toned, bikini-ready abs!

1. Your body is too loose

To really get the full force out of your plank, you need to engage your entire body. If your body is too loose in your plank, you won't really be working your muscles to their full potential. When up in the plank position, flex your core, legs and back like you’re trying to show off your muscles. This will engage your muscles and make them work harder to get better results.

2. You let your booty drop down
Your body should create a flat, straight line when in plank position. An error many people make is to drop their hips and booty. This creates a C-shape, which does not engage your abs at all! Focus on creating a straight line from the tip of your head all the way to your toes; this will help your body stay straight and work all the muscles equally and correctly.

3. You hold your breath or breathe too quickly
You generally think of breathing techniques for cardio, but it’s important to think about in a plank, too! When you hold your breath or breathe too fast, you’re focusing too much on your breathing rather than on your body. Take deep, smooth breaths in and out and do not hold your breath. Breathing easy will help you put all your focus on your position.

4. You don’t hold it long enough
You really need to actually “feel the burn” to get the most out of your plank. Throwing your plank off with the issues above might be a reason why you’re having problems holding it long enough. You want to hold a plank for at least 45 seconds. A good indicator of holding a plank long enough is a slight burning in your core area.

By: Lindsay Laderoute


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