Last-Minute Costume Shopping in Columbia: Where You Should Go

October 31 marks one of the most anticipated holidays for college kids everywhere: that’s right, Halloween. And whether you’re trick-or-treating or hitting up a party, you’re going to need to find a hot costume to rock. So here’s College Gloss’s list of the top three places to go in downtown Columbia for all of your Halloween costume needs.

Maude Vintage 

As this store's window advertises, Maude Vintage is a thrift store that buys, sells and trades clothes and costumes. Costumes are also available for rent. Along with complete outfits, single items can be rented by themselves. There are two rental options: a two-day rental or a one-week rental. 
Rental prices vary by item and rental option.

An array of costumes, including a complete storm trooper uniform, greet you as you walk into Maude Vintage.

The basement of Maude Vintage is the main costume shop. It’s filled with racks upon racks of vintage costumes that are organized and labeled by themes such as “Native American” and “Hula Girl” for your shopping convenience! 

Maude Vintage
818 E. Broadway
Columbia, MO 65201

Absolute Vintage 

Absolute Vintage is the place to go if you’re looking for a good Halloween costume on a tight budget; costumes are available to rent for as low as $6! The variety is great, too; you can find almost anything from a Spongebob Squarepants to an Elvis Presley ensemble. Does your costume require crazy hair? Absolute Vintage has got you covered in that department, too. They have a wide selection of all types of wigs, including a wall of wigs with every color imaginable. 

Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood, a classic nurse or a police woman are only a few costumes at Absolute Vintage. 

Absolute Vintage
923 E. Broadway
Columbia, MO 65201

Gotcha! Costumes 

Gotcha! Costumes is the only place on our list that is exclusively a costume shop; so that means it won’t (and trust me, it doesn’t!) disappoint. There are hundreds of costumes, accessories, shoes, masks and wigs, both for rental and available to purchase. Prices range from $6-$40.

Traditional masquerade, Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama are among the many masks you can find at Gotcha! 

Looking for a mask to scare the living daylight out of your friends? Gotcha’s got tons of those, too.
Gotcha! has costumes of all themes and eras; they have everything from flapper costumes and S.W.A.T. team uniforms to ‘sexy referee’ costumes for women. 

Gotcha! Costumes
819 East Walnut Street
Columbia, MO 65201

With a little under a week left until the spooky day, it's not too late to head downtown and check out Columbia's best costume shops to find your perfect Halloween attire.

By: Eva Lopez


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