Runway Rebellion: How to Break Fashion's Rules

Join the fashion revolution! Toss aside your mother’s worn-out style rules, and update your look with a dash of irreverence. From the day style becomes a personal choice, people are bombarded with rules regarding how to (and more frequently how not to) dress. Well, fret no more!

Does today’s wild world not call for an equally wild wardrobe? Set fire to the fashion norm by following these simple guidelines, and you’ll find yourself in a look that is as modernly chic as it is daringly different.

Rule #1:
No White After Labor Day

As the most infamous and cliché law in the cannon of clothing, this rule is as outdated as overalls! Never again hesitate to don your most pallid pieces after the first Monday of September. While it may be unclear as to whether or not this rule has any bearing in the real world, in the realm of fashion it has long been abandoned.

For seasons, designers have covered their runways with colorless couture, a trend that easily translates from the catwalk to the sidewalk. Winter whites provide a fresh break from the standard dark colors of the season; besides, why deprive yourself of such a great neutral? Just remember to keep the material seasonally appropriate. While lighter weight fabrics like linen should probably meet the mothballs, heavier fabrics like denim can be worn well into the colder climate.

White jeans can be paired with a classic black turtleneck and statement jewelry for a look that is timelessly chic.

Throw a colorful blazer over a white dress to winterize your look and create an outfit that is modern and youthful. From creamy ivory to the starkest of whites, this color has year-round staying power!

Rule #2:
No Denim on Denim

Due to the ease of this look coming off as an 80s costume, this rule requires a bit more finesse to dismiss. While the infamous “Canadian tuxedo” should never be condoned, thanks to today’s wide market of colorful jeans, this look is a bit easier to pull off.

Pair vibrant jeans (may I suggest mint, perhaps?) with a darker wash denim vest to work the color-blocking trend into this look. Doubling up on blue denims is possible, but make sure the pieces are different washes so you don’t wind up looking like you’re wearing a heinous denim suit.

Style the look with a boyfriend watch, studded bag, leather belt, and matching strappy wedges to play up the toughness of the look while still keeping it feminine.

Rule #3:
No Mixing Brown or Navy with Black

The key to defying this statue lies in the intention behind the pairing. Make sure the ensemble has a healthy dose of both colors to avoid looking like you got dressed in the dark. If you don’t want to make it look like you threw on brown shoes with a black dress by accident, anchor the piece with a brown belt. 

The same goes for navy. While navy socks with black shoes will surely alert the fashion police, a black blazer and purse paired with a navy dress will have heads turning in a good way. Texture is also a great way to pull off this look.

Tan suede shorts can add a splash of luxury to chunky black knitwear. Top this look off with a wide brimmed hat in an adjacent tan and turquoise accessories for a pop of color and you’ll find yourself in a boho-cool look all your friends will be jealous of!

Rule #4:
No Mixing Prints

It's a frightening fad to go for, but once you get the hang of print mixing, it will revolutionize your style. When you can begin to construct combos that you've never tried before, your potential looks increase dramatically and you'll impress your friends with seeming ease.

Floral prints and soft stripes achieve the same ladylike effortlessness and therefore, make a perfect match. To keep it compatible look for a brighter floral and stripes in a neutral tone. A classic black and white stripe sweater can easily occupy the same ensemble as a bright floral skirt.

Another way to accomplish this is by pairing animal prints together. To keep from looking like a jungle woman, make sure one print is more literal while the other is a more artistic interpretation. Play with the juxtaposition of prints and once you find the perfect pair, your look will be interesting and modern.

By: Will Heitert


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