Are Your Boots Made for Walking?: Find Out What Guys Think

With the change of season comes new styles, fads and must-haves. The departure and arrival of various new trends brings joy to some and tears to others. However, though the world of fashion is constantly evolving, it is still a saving grace. Fashion continuously reuses and recycles ideas and looks. This season’s most prominent Déjà vu? The boot. 

Yes, fall footwear has managed to achieve a modern spinoff of the furry, Ugg-like boots that were so popular last winter. The result? Knee-highs, booties, riding boots, motorcycle boots and everything in between. Girls everywhere are falling in love with the fabulously strong, yet sexy vibe that come with these boots. So what’s the best part about all of this? Your guy finds them just as crush-worthy!

After asking around and waving various images of boots in guys’ faces, I have come to the conclusion that boys love correctly worn boots. I say “correctly worn” because let’s face it, as much as we like to make fun of them for being oblivious to all things not pertaining to fantasy football and hot wings, boys know what looks good and what doesn’t.

MU freshman Thom Carter finds it attractive when girls wear boots because he feels that the different styles represent different attitudes and personalities. Although there are many different styles, Carter says wearing any kind of boot shows that a girl feels comfortable in her own skin, which empowers her look. He even mentions the distinct sound boots tend to make when you walk.

“I definitely look up to see who is walking in the room when I hear the sound that boots make," he said. "It takes a confident girl to be completely secure with that."

In fact, nine out of ten guys I spoke with said that girls look powerful and sexy when they rock the boot look, especially knee-high boots. However, they also said it is important for girls to find the right style for their legs and body shape. 

“If a girl wears boots that were obviously not made for her, her legs usually end up looking shapeless, too thin and ultimately just unattractive,” MU freshman Griffin Matis said.

Once you have chosen the most awesome boot for your climate and body shape, the next step, ladies, is to make sure you feel awesome in them. Ten out of ten guys said that a girl looks best in boots when she can walk properly and looks comfortable. 

“If she is comfortable in the boots, the boots look good," MU freshman Kevin Modelski said. "If the boots look good, she looks super attractive in them.”

So ladies, choose boots that were made specifically for your walkin’ and you may just get a number or two. 

By: Morgan Young | Image: Source


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