CG Mizzou Shows Its Halloween Spirit

Even though Halloween fell on a Wednesday this year, CG Mizzou contributors and their friends still found the time to celebrate.

The Avengers: Susan Kelso as Captain America, Veronica DeStefano (CGM columnist) as The Hulk, Ellen Hinze as Iron Woman and Tori Partridge as Thor.

Sazanka Idris (CGM writer) as Popeye.

Idris as a flapper and Kelly Bohan as Barbie.

Abby Kass (CGM writer) as a Greek goddess and Haley Lewis as a peacock.

Emily Shiffman as Risky Business, Sami Tarson as Goldilocks, Allison Shapiro (CGM contributor) as Derrick Rose and Alex Bankston as Risky Business.

Ashley Szatala (CGM columnist) as a Parisian, Morgan Purdy as a cowgirl, Kaylyn Hruska as Hermione from "Harry Potter" and Katie Walton as a flapper.

Eva Lopez (CGM writer) as a dark angel, Kristina Bowlus as a devil and Jacob Sewell as a good angel.

Did you have a unique Halloween costume this year? Email us your pictures (, and we might just put them on the site! 


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