Boy Meets Girl: The Edgy Tomboy Look

It's all over Instagram, style blogs, street style and your favorite fashion forward celebrities; "Tomboy Chic".

The "Tomboy Chic" style has made a HUGE introduction into today's fashion and looks as if it's not going anywhere! It's a mixture of the edgy and sexy appeal of a woman; and the comfortable style of a man. More and more brands, usually made for men, such as Crooks and Castles, Diamond Supply Co., and OBEY, are creating more items for women.

This is for the badass girls who aren't scared to go against the guys! no matter your shape, size, height or weight. You can always twist and turn this trend to include your own personal style. It's a staple look for any trendy closet

Here are a few items you may need to complete a Tomboy Chic look:

1. Leather
Leather pants, skirts, leggings and jackets have become a must have this year. You can pair your leather bottoms with an edgy muscle T-shirt for the full tomboy look or a sheer solid color blouse for a chic twist. You can find trendy leather pants like the ones pictured above at for less than $50.

2. Camo Print Jackets
These jackets have been seen everywhere! Your closet will not be complete without one of these. You can find camo jackets everywhere from high-end stores to your local goodwill. Add a little edge to your camo jacket by adding spikes and studs. There is no tomboy chic without the perfect camo jacket!

3. Sneakers
Air Jordans have been popular since their very first release in 1985. Since then, Air Jordans have become a trend for everyone. Nothing looks better than a sexy, chic and trendy woman in sneakers. Besides, what is a better way to fully complete your tomboy chic look?

By: Sharde Carter


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