The Intern Style Guide

As I was up late last night searching the internet for stylish structured work totes, I asked myself a question. I said, "Self, I know that being an intern entails several important characteristics but wardrobe is very important too. After all how a person looks plays a big part the first impression." This led me to compile a list of wardrobe staples that every fashion savvy intern should have whether in the office or making coffee runs, these pieces are sure to impress!

The Work Tote

This is a must for any girl in the working world. A purse is too unorganized and briefcase is a bit stuffy. Try this bright spin on the classic structured tote. This colors of this bag alone are sure to keep you peppy throughout the day!
The Collared Shirt


This oxford shirt from Hollister is classic The material of this shirt puts a twist on the "everyday" work shirt and has a feminine flair that is appropriate for the office.

The Flat Shoe

The life of an intern is definitely challenging and it's very difficult to rush to the print shop on the other end of campus with pumps on! Check out these Steve Madden smoking shoes that I am in love with!

The Blazer

This Ralph Lauren blazer may be pricey but it sure is cute!

The Work Pant

These work pants are young and current but still get the job done.

The Black Pump

These black pumps from Christian Louboutin are chic and the heel is low enough to remain professional.

Sweet Mother of Pearl Earrings
Simple. Understated. Classy. Period.

Do you have any intern style tips? Comment below!


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