Fall Style at Clark Atlanta

Being stylish on campus this fall should entail comfort, ease, but most of all confidence and individuality!  Step up your style game with some of these hot fall 2012 items, that will get you feeling cozy and sexy all in one and have you embracing the season with colorful leaves!

My favorite thing about fall are the colors, prints, and fabrics because they can be seen as retro with a modern twist! Fall clothing and style is also very artistic in a sense because you can feel free to mix and match different earth tone colors with bright prints and other colors that can represent the look you wanted to give off that day. 

Military style jackets are always a must have, especially in the fall because not only do they fit and compliment all body types, but you can have fun with matching accessories to your jackets such as boots, scarves, gloves and most importantly hats! 

Often times accessorizing makes an outfit or a look everything! Simple, cozy flats are very in vogue this season as well. Slip on flats are a true favorite of fall because they spell out sexy simplicity, and that is what fall is all about! 

Whether they're made from different fabrics, have different prints, or have different earth tone colors all make an amazing fall statement of laid back, girly relaxation and they are always perfect for sporting around campus because they're so comfortable to walk in. 

So remember ladies, when shopping for fall items this season remember to embrace earth tone colors, heavy fabrics, funky prints,  the mixing and matching of funky accessories, military style jackets, and last but most importantly in my book, effortless shoes that you can hike around campus with, while still being stylish and sexy and making your faux mark and statement! 

By: Zakia Webb


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