Stylish Sister Acts

Sisters usually have love/hate relationships. In my experience with my older sister, it’s like some days you team up on your parents, and some days you cannot stand to be within two feet of each other. Then the gauntlet is thrown (or the hairbrush, rather).

I cannot think of one girl who does not have those moments with her style. In the store it looked so fashionable and cool, and then you throw it on, and ugh, not so much the next day.

But these celeb sisters seem to have it all together: style, sisterly bonds and just being super chic. As if we didn’t envy them enough!

1. The Olsens

Trendy and eclectic - Mary-Kate and Ashley

Ladylike with a trendy twist - Elizabeth

While MK and Ashley are the siblings that are usually evaluated, I couldn’t help but throw in Elizabeth, who is blowing up these days in fashion magazines, blogs and films (Robert de Niro movies, hello). In college, Mary-Kate and Ashley became the running joke for late-night comedians for being a weird breed of New Yorkers: bag ladies with oversized clothes, roaming Manhattan with their Starbucks. Since their NYU days though, MK and Ash have tamed that "I-look-homeless-because-I’m-a-hip-film-student" look and turned it into cool-girl style. This has translated into their fashion lines Elizabeth and James and The Row, the latter which earned them top honors in womenswear at the CFDAs in June. Love or hate them, you have to admit these Olsens have some unique style genes!

2. The Knowles

Glamorous - Beyonce

Daring and Edgy - Solange

You knew this pairing was coming, because what better way to demonstrate the varying styles of sisters than Beyonce and Solange Knowles? Bey usually rolls more "Glamour" magazine style with girly accessories and lots of bling, while Solange usually turns it out "Nylon" magazine style with a rock-and-roll edge and daring pieces. Being the older sister, Jay Z’s lady is usually more polished with her looks and seems more put together with flirty dresses and high heels. Solange takes so many risks not just through her fashion, but also with her hair and beauty styles. Anybody remember when she buzzed her head way before it was cool? Beyonce is actually more trendy than many celebs of her stature, but next to daring baby sis Solange, she comes off like a Middleton.

3. The Fannings

Classic - Dakota

Girly - Elle

Strictly New York speaking, if the Olsens are more Chelsea District and the Knowles are more Upper West Side, then the Fannings are uptown, Upper East Side (coincidentally that happened to be a movie Dakota was in). Dresses, blazers, neutrals and girly touches? Check. Over the years, Dakota has branched out into "edgier" looks with Converse and oversized scarves, but next to Solange or the Olsens she comes across as Blair Waldorf in a Halloween costume. Sorry, Dakota, but you should stick with your red carpet style, which always turns heads because it is so classic. And can we talk about Elle? This younger sister is literally all over Tumblr and fashion magazines like "W" for good reason! She comes out in ultra-trendy Louis Vuitton dresses and still looks girly and fresh. When college students are admiring your girly style at the age of 14, you know that you are a bit of an icon.

Whether your have Greek sisters, biological sisters or just your closest girlfriends that are just as close as blood, I think it is safe to say that you can definitely have distinct styles even when you’re together so much. But while you have these chic women close, why not borrow some of their pieces and try something new? Just be sure to return them so World War III doesn’t break out.

By: Kayla Elam


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