How to Add Volume and Curl to Thin Hair

The process of trying to add volume and curl thin hair sometimes falls flat.

“I think no matter what you do, it’s hard to make your hair look full,” MU freshman Taylor Lind said.

The most common technique to adding volume is blow drying wet hair. Blow drying isn’t just for making hair look more full, but it also prevents thin hair from looking oily.

“I need to blow dry my wet hair at night or else it looks greasy,” MU freshman Melody Roberts said.

When trying to make her hair voluminous, MU junior Allie Plantery first uses a volumizing spray all over her hair to make her roots stand up. Then, she works mousse into her hair to add even more volume.

When it comes to curling thin hair, some hair types hold curls better than others. 

Roberts uses a curling iron to curl her hair because her hair holds curls well. 

Plantery uses the same tool but curls her hair in portions. She starts curling her hair at the bottom and works her way from the front of her hair to the back of her head. When Plantery is done, she uses a finishing spray all over her hair. 

Unlike Plantery and Roberts, Lind says her hair will not curl because it's so thin and straight.

Lind, Plantery and Roberts each use hair spray to tease their hair in the back to create the illusion of volume.

Roberts says that volumizing shampoos, like Mane 'n Tail, help make her hair look fuller, while Lind says shampoos do not help her hair.

A more obscure way to add volume to thin hair is to change the way hair is parted. Roberts switches her part from left to right and swears her hair looks more voluminous.

“We will never look like the women in the Pantene commercials,” Lind said. And though that may be true, it certainly doesn’t hurt to try. 

By: Ashley Szatala | Image: Source


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