Foodie City Spotlight: Seattle

Traveling might be hard to squeeze in between classes and exams; however, it can never hurt to explore all our country has to offer. When you get a chance to go to the upper West Coast, try visiting Seattle for a change of atmosphere. While Missouri mostly has humid air, Seattle will probably bring daily cool showers. From fish and chips to bubble teas, College Gloss Mizzou gives you the guide to experience the Emerald City at its best. So don’t forget to bring your best raincoat, cutest umbrella and snazzy rain boots to experience Seattle in style.


Seafood is hard to come by in landlocked Missouri, but there is plenty in Seattle. One of the best places to eat seafood while experiencing the Seattle coast is at Ivar’s Seafood Bar. Even though Ivar’s restaurant is a respected place to eat, the seafood bar is what causes the buzz about this place. Located in the Pier 54, Ivar’s Seafood Bar serves fresh and juicy fried seafood such as codfish, salmon and scallops served with french fries. When it’s nice out, try eating by the dock overlooking the coastal water surrounding the Pier. You will be accompanied by flocks of seagulls eyeing your fries. If it’s raining, grab a book and get the bread bowl that comes with the warm, creamy and recommended clam chowder soup.

Location: 1001 Alaskan Way, Pier 54 Seattle, Wash. 98104
Price: $10-$20
Twitter: @IvarsClam


A couple minutes walk, an elevator ride up and a walk through the ever-busy Pike Place Market, and you will find a small French bakery café called Le Panier. From the first moment you step inside, you are hit with the fresh bakery scent and instantly see glass displays full of various French baked goods. All of the breads are presented using their original French names. From croissants to macaroons, Le Panier serves a variety of flavors for each of their freshly baked goods! If you’re lucky, you can enjoy your French pastry in the cozy café while watching the hustle and bustle of Pike Place Market.

Location: 1902 Pike Place, Seattle, Wash. 98101
Price: $3 - $20
Twitter: @LePanierBakery


If you’re looking for a place to chill, far away from the average coffee and tea shops, stop by T-Station Café. This small yet comfortable hang out place serves a variety of bubble teas. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this Asian term, it's a type of drink originally from Taiwan, containing an original or flavored milk tea with tapioca. But T-Station serves more than that. Besides the 28 flavors of milk tea, you can also choose a variety of fresh fruit smoothies, fun ‘frost’ or ‘snow’ drinks that you can pair with any of their sweet or sour toppings. Available toppings include tapioca, popping mango, lychee, coconut and aloe vera. How out of the ordinary does that sound? Pair up your adventurous drink with T-Station’s famous snack, popcorn chicken, for a change from the everyday café pastries.

Location: 13242 Aurora Ave. N Suite 104 Seattle, Wash. 98133
Price: $5 - $15

By: Sazanka Idris | Images: Source, Sazanka Idris


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