4 College Girl Fashion Must-Haves

College students are constantly busy. Attending classes, doing homework, studying for exams ... and some of us even have part-time jobs.

For us girls, it often seems that trying to look good among the frenzy of activities might have to be sacrificed. However, if we have the right pieces in our wardrobe to pull off a chic outfit, we might not have to make that sacrifice.

College Gloss Mizzou gives you the top wardrobe essentials every college girl needs in her closet to make dressing up before class or before going out a lot easier, and we guarantee you’ll look a lot more stylish, too.

1. Colored or Patterned Jeans
The trick with colored jeans is that you have to find the perfect color that suits you. Try going to a store like American Eagle, which has a variety of colored and patterned jeans at any time of the year, and try on the jeans you like. When trying them on, see which colors or pattern that compliment you the most. This decision will most likely be based on the color of skin you have, but other factors can contribute to your decision as well. Make sure they are perfectly fitted, or else they won’t look as good as they should. The most important thing with colored and patterned jeans is that they act as the focus to your wardrobe, so you want to make sure that you feel good and confident with the color/s or pattern/s you choose. So when you put them on, you can wear  a neutral colored T-shirt and simple ballet flats (or boots in the winter) with it, and you’re good to go, looking stylish (like those celebs on a coffee run)!

ASOS, Skinny Pants in Cotton Twill: $38.59

Forever 21, Damask Print Skinny Jeans: $22.80

2. Patterned Button Down
Patterned button downs can be found in almost any clothing store. They are fun, easy, and versatile to dress up or down for any occasion. They are available in a variety of materials, from cotton to silk to denim, so you can wear any one of them on a daily basis for an easy polished look. For a casual outfit to class, patterned button downs can be worn with simple blue jeans or a neutral colored skirt with simple accessories. When out for a Friday night with friends, try matching it with bold accessories and fancy shoes (statement heels or metallic colored loafers would be perfect to step up the laid-back look of a button down).

Forever 21, Stud Collar Dotted Shirt: $19.80

Forever 21, Relaxed Floral Chiffon Shirt: $19.80

3. Black (or Dark Colored) Blazer
Some people see blazers as an accessory for a work-related outfit, but nowadays the case isn’t the same. Blazers can be used to dress up a casual outfit, such as a T-shirt and jeans, a tank top and a skirt, and even a casual top with shorts. A black blazer, or a dark colored blazer such as dark blue or dark green, is the perfect item to complete a casual look and turn it into a cool, collected look. The blazer can be fitted for a more preppy style, or over-sized for a lean and edgy style. Try on both types to see which one fits your personality best. When you have the perfect blazer in hand, all you have to do when getting ready for a morning class is to throw it on over your casual look! 

ASOS, Blazer: $61.39

Forever 21, Nautical Button Blazer: $32.80

4. Loafers
Considering all those buildings scattered around campus where your classes are located, chances are you want to walk in comfortable shoes. But this doesn’t mean that you have to stick to sneakers to save your feet, leave those for the gym! Loafers are a must-have because they give a unique, stylish finish to a casual outfit. They can be worn with blue jeans, dresses and even leggings. Loafers come in a lot different styles, colors, prints, and even shapes, so you can go wild on this one! The loafers at Gap have cushions on their soles, so you might want to consider checking out the ones they have for guaranteed comfort. The best thing about loafers? All you gotta do is slip them on.
Gap, Tassel Loafers: $49.95

Gap, Printed Canvas Loafers: $39.95

Just mix and match these four simple items, and you will have an effortless campus look. Guaranteed!

By: Sazanka Idris | Images: Source, listed retail stores


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