I Love the Day of Love (Don’t Hate Me!)

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us, and I can practically hear the groans of annoyance from everyone currently living on my floor. According to some, this one holiday in the middle of February is the absolute worst holiday ever invented. All of my single friends celebrate “Singles Awareness Day,” and I even know some couples who dislike the pressure of arguably the single most important date night of the year.

But ... I kind of like Valentine’s Day. I like the idea of celebrating love, spreading love and recognizing love! Isn’t it cool that we get to go around being mushy and emotional for a day? And we don’t have to apologize for expressing “gross” feelings because that’s totally allowed! It’s even encouraged!!

Anyway, before I get chased out of town by a mob with pitchforks, here are a few reasons why I love the “Day of Love,” and why you should, too.


I may be in a relationship right now, but I loved celebrating Valentine’s Day when I was single, too. If you remind yourself it’s a day about love, not about couples, then it isn’t such a negative holiday. Go out with your friends and buy each other gifts to show your appreciation. Send your mom some flowers! Get a manicure with your sister or niece. Even a little gesture can spread giant amounts of love and care.


Those cheesy dates, like dinner and a movie? Why are those so ridiculed? They’re cheesy for a reason ... they’re classics! If you’re in a relationship this V-Day, go on and celebrate the cheesiness with a fancy dinner. It all depends on what suits you and your significant other; if you’re not the fancy dinner-date type, don’t squeeze into a tux and dress because “everyone else does that.” Do your own cheesy date; by “cheesy” I mean “meaningful.” Put some thought into it, instead of just shoving that DVD in again and cuddling on the couch. Love takes some effort, too, you know!


Who doesn’t love a good Valentine’s Day party? (Okay, I know a few people.) For couples, nothing’s cuter than meeting up with other paired-up pals, and you get to spend time with your beau without worrying about leaving your single friends out. That’s a definite plus. And for the single ladies out there? Do your own love-fest! Celebrate how awesome you are with your other single (or taken) friends! Exchange meaningful gifts with girlfriends or go out on the town for a night of single clubbing. We all know you don’t need a man to have a fantastic time - so go prove it to the world! Just know you definitely don’t have to be sitting in the corner with the dog the entire time.

“Singles Awareness Day”

Like I said before, take this day to show how much you love yourself. Take a break, go to a spa, and make Valentine’s Day about you instead of the fact that it’s just you. Go out to dinner with your closest single friends and live it up! Just don’t be bitter; that’s a huge no-no. Nobody likes the bitter single girl who rags on her tied-up besties, and you’ll definitely ruin your own mood, too. Remind yourself that this Feb. 14, you’re letting the world know how fabulous you are and recognizing it regardless of relationship status.

Be that Super-Cutesy Couple

For the College Gloss Mizzou readers who are all tied-up? Go on, enjoy it! Don’t wallow around and be “too cool” for celebrating what you have! Do a cheesy date (or a totally unique one, like indoor rock climbing or cooking your own meal together). Embrace the fact that you get to take one day out of this entire year to be all up in each other’s space. Celebrate being in like, like-like, or love with the person you care about, and don’t let anyone kill your buzz.

Take Charge of the Loveliest Day of the Year!

Send your grandmother flowers and call up a long-distance bestie. Take the time to show the ones you care about just how much they mean to you. You can even pamper yourself with a little alone-time, a good movie and a treat. Remember, life is uncertain. So why shun the one holiday meant to celebrate the most beautiful thing in it? Don’t let bitterness get you down, either. There will be plenty of Februarys to come, and they will all be different and marvelous. Try not to think about this holiday as a holiday that celebrates couples; it’s a holiday that pushes us to remember the bigger things in life and to say things that often go unsaid during the rest of the year.

So say “I love you,” and mean it, give hugs and make them genuine, and if you’re not the touchy-feely kind of person, at least verbally acknowledge someone who means a lot to you. What are you waiting for? Spread a little love!

If you're still not convinced Valentine's Day is a holiday worth celebrating, check out Candice Brew's article, "Valentine's Day? Bah Humbug!"

By: Alise Murawski | Image: Source


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