Mizzou's Got Style: Adorable & Affordable, Perfectly Preppy and Genuinely Grunge

You didn't have to be at New York Fashion Week to catch incredible style last week. Check out who we caught on the campus catwalk!

Adorable and Affordable

It is no doubt that sophomore animal science major Carlie Priddy can find adorable clothing without splurging. She loves to raid the racks of Forever 21 and Target: “The cheaper the better,” Priddy said. Besides always searching for the best deal, this fashionista won’t compromise comfort for style: “I also don’t buy anything unless it’s comfortable,” she commented. Priddy also shared with us a bit about her style preference: “I like vintage and dresses.” 

Statement Pieces on a Budget: cardigan, skirt, boots

Perfectly Preppy

Meet John Mcdonnell. He is a stylish freshman with contemporary and urban tastes. “Always tuck in your shirt, and wear a belt,” Mcdonnell advised when asked for his tips on achieving such dapper style. Macy’s and thrift stores are included in his list of places to discover fabulous finds.

Statement Pieces on a Budget: coat, belt, boots

Genuinely Grunge

“Casual, tom-boy, hipster, and 90s” are a few words that sophomore music major Hannah Rainey used when describing her unique style. This artistic scholar loves to shop downtown at Maude Vintage and looks to Canadian singer Grimes for fashion inspiration. When prompted for fashion tips, Rainey said this: “Don’t over-accessorize. You should wear one accessory per outfit.”

Statement Pieces on a Budget: coat, scarf, boots

This article is a part of Candice Brew's weekly campus fashion column that captures Mizzou students looking their finest.
By: Candice Brew 


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