Mizzou's Got Style: Poetic Justice, Loud & Proud and Charming Simplicity

CGM columnist Candice Brew caught some stylish students on campus last week. Check out our favorites!

Poetic Justice

Freshman journalism major Briana Arps seemed to pay homage to 90s film "Poetic Justice" with her trendy retro blouse and senegalese twists -- similar to the legendary box braids Janet Jackson rocked in the movie. Though this fabulous ensemble embodies retro at its best, Arp’s style is defined by a fashionable persona she has created. “‘Young Rebella’ is edgy and chic,” the creative freshman said about her artistic persona. She also had this to say about fashion as a whole: “Don’t be afraid to experiment because our culture is always changing. You never know what is next.”

Statement Pieces on a Budget: turban, top, shorts

Loud & Proud

You would be mistaken to think that this international business major was not all about making a statement. “I dress fiercely, and I stand out in a crowd,” freshman Andrew O’Haro said about his daring style. “That's how I like it!” When wearing loud statement pieces, like the leopard print pants he snagged from Maude Vintage, O’Haro advised to keep everything else simple: “In my outfit, I'm wearing some crazy loud leopard print pants. I mean these babies could stop a train. So, because they're so eye-catching ... my outfit was intricate enough to not require an accessory.”

Statement Pieces on a Budget: cardigan, pants, boots

Charming Simplicity

“I add edge to all of my outfits,” senior journalism major Nathalie Granda said. This can obviously be proven by the golden cross pendant and edgy biker jacket she added to an otherwise simple but cute outfit. Top Shop and Urban Outfitters rank as Granda’s top spots to find trendy pieces and accessories. When prompted on how to add a little pizazz to an ensemble, Granda clued us in on her secret: “You can always dress up an outfit with jewelry.” Granda had a point. Like I always say, accessories make an outfit!

Statement Pieces on a Budget: scarf, necklace, jacket

This article is a part of Candice Brew's weekly campus fashion column that captures Mizzou students looking their finest.
By: Candice Brew


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