CGM Picks Oscars' Best Moments

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for ... the 85th Annual Academy Awards. History will be made, fashion will be debated, Seth Macfarlane’s hosting abilities will be put to the test. The College Gloss Mizzou staff have weighed in on their favorite moments -- from Channing Tatum stealing our hearts with his smooth moves (again!) to Michelle Obama’s surprise appearance announcing the Best Picture category. What were your favorite moments?

Alise Murawski:

  • I don’t even have to watch the rest of the Oscars to know that hearing Seth Macfarlane sing (SING, DID ANYONE ELSE KNOW HE COULD SING?) Frank Sinatra flawlessly while Charlize Theron and Channing Tatum dance will be my favorite part. Charlize is my girl crush with that hair, and ... it’s Channing Tatum. Also Frank Sinatra. 
  • Anne Hathaway winning her first Oscar!!! (Annie Wins!) That performance as Fantine was her life. She truly deserves this award for all the work she put into that role. 
  • Jessica Chastain holding her mom’s hand while Best Actress in a Leading Role is being announced. (I think she was robbed, personally. But I still love Jennifer Lawrence.)
  • Kristin Chenoweth is literally the cutest thing alive. 

Syd Hayman:

  • Jaws music slowly building and eventually cutting off wordy award speeches
  • Dame Shirley Bassey singing for the tribute to James Bond films. Sassy and classy all at once.
  • The whole musical appreciation compilation: Catherine Zeta-Jones jazzing it up on stage, J. Hud telling us she’s not going, "Les Mis" cast reuniting with their Sunday best on... 

Samantha Latting:

  • Did you see Joseph Gordon-Levitt dancing his way into my heart? 
  • I’ve never even seen "Dream Girls" (don’t judge) but Jennifer Hudson kills it every time she is singing on stage. Tonight is no exception. 
  • Anne Hathaway’s speech for Best Supporting Actress may have made me tear up. It’s so cool to see an actress from my childhood doing great things! 
  • Adele’s acceptance speeches always make me smile. She is so genuine, and now she has an Oscar to go with her pile of Grammy’s. 
  • Jennifer Lawrence winning best actress in a leading role. Honestly, this is what I had been waiting for all night. I am shamelessly obsessed with her. Level 3 girl crush -- I wish I could be her. 
  • Michelle Obama. Perfect FLOTUS is perfect. Enough said. 
  • Anytime a winner thanked their spouse and then the camera shot to them tearing up. Oh, love. 

Veronica DeStefano:

  • Charlize Theron and Channing Tatum dancing.
  • Adele being adorable when she won best original song. 
  • Sandra Bullock opening an envelope like all of us probably would. 
  • Ang Lee’s “you’re the golden statue in my heart” part of his speech. 
  • The fact that Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Sally Fields and Jennifer Lawrence carpooled together
  • Jennifer Lawrence is such a real person THAT SHE TRIPPED AND MADE A JOKE ABOUT IT. OMG, WHY IS SHE GREAT?
  • Michelle Obama looking hot as ever.

By: CG Mizzou Staff 


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