Queen B’s Bangin’ Super Bowl Halftime Show

On Feb. 3, the nation tuned in to watch the Beyoncé concert that featured a football game. Or at least that’s what this year’s Super Bowl game turned into, as soon as the queen of R&B, Beyoncé Knowles, was announced as this year’s halftime performance. The Baltimore Ravens, this year’s Superbowl Champions, faced off with the San Francisco 49ers, and clearly they were not the only ones bringing their A game. She not only mesmerized the crowd with a flawless performance, but she also gave us a surprising Destiny’s Child throwback performance with her soul sisters, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams.

In the opening act, B ascends from under the stage like a fabulous alien emerging from a ship crash landed on earth, surrounded by smoke and strobe lights as she stomps her way down the stage singing her opening song, “Love on Top.” She was very in touch with the elements during her performance, at times incorporating fire, ice and smoke in other various forms. At one point, she even sang while a member of the band slammed on a guitar shooting out fire and sparks from the top and bottom right next to her.

Not only was her performance hot, her ensemble was a sexy, yet futuristic, black, leather and lace bodysuit. The intricate garment was designed by Rubin Singer and is reportedly made out of various animal skins such as leather, iguana and python and took over 200 hours to make by a team of 14 people.

Her entire performance lasted around 14 minutes, and her set included a 7-song lineup. Needless to say, the game had millions more viewers when she came onstage and millions less once her performance was over. She became the trending topic on Twitter, Facebook blew up with images and Beyoncé statuses, and Tumblr users instantly blogged images, gifs and posts of Queen B onstage.

Beyoncé’s Super Bowl performance is noted to be one of the best in the history of halftime shows, free from any unexpected wardrobe malfunctions or obscene gestures from people onstage, which can’t be said for former performers that have graced the halftime stage like Janet Jackson and M.I.A. Beyonce commanded the stage so ferociously during her performance, she took the lights with her when it was over! Jay-Z tweeted his own two-cents about his wife’s incredible performance, “Any Questions??” Enough said.

By: Abigail Grohmann | Image: 12


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