MU's Coolest Clubs You’ve Never Heard Of

With over 700 clubs on Mizzou’s campus, some are bound to fly under the radar. From groups for those who love cupcakes to a team of students who just want to dance, Mizzou is home to clubs you might not even have known existed.

Mizzou Quidditch

If you’ve ever been on the quad around 5 p.m., there’s no way you’ve missed these guys. After all, how many sports teams do you see holding broomsticks between their legs? For those unfamiliar with quidditch, the game is inspired by the magical school sport in the "Harry Potter" series played midair on flying broomsticks.

However, Mizzou’s muggles don’t let their lack of magical powers stop them; quidditch is played seriously with its own set of rules, and is an official club sport with competitive teams at universities across the country.

Daniel Shapiro, quidditch president and MU junior, says quidditch is no joke. “At practices we run drills for an hour before scrimmaging," he said. "A typical quidditch match requires seven referees, including a certified head referee, a snitch-runner and generally has announcers and a scoreboard of some sort.”

“That being said, it is a lot of fun to play in its own right,” remarked Shapiro. “Especially when you make good plays.” Game on!

BREATHE (Breathing and Relaxation Experiential Activities To Help Everyone)

With activities, classes, tests and papers, sometimes the average college student just needs to take a second to breathe (I know I do!). This is the philosophy behind BREATHE, an organization founded to teach students to cope with stress through breathing and yoga-type exercises.

MU senior Daniel Wampler is the organization’s president and learned of BREATHE in a qigong class, a Chinese meditation and breathing practice, that employs many of the same tips and tricks that BREATHE teaches to students. After all, Wampler says, “If one can gain control over their breath, they gain control over their life.”

“I feel like students are bombarded with rote learning all day, and BREATHE gives students an opportunity to tap into themselves and really feel what stress is like and how to combat it,” he explained. Now that’s a breath of fresh air!

Cupcake Club

With shows like "Cupcake Wars" on the rise, we are truly in the middle of a cupcake fad. The delicious trend has its place at Mizzou with the Cupcake Club. The premise of the club is simple: it’s for people who love cupcakes, and members come together to bake, decorate and (finally!) eat the sweet treats.

“The club brought cupcakes in that members got to decorate with piping bags, and they taught us techniques on how to decorate the cupcakes," freshman Amy Field said. "I liked it, and it’s only $5 a semester.”

The club meets once a month, so be sure to pop in for a sweet study break!

Be Free

College is all about figuring out your identity, which can be a scary thing. This led MU student Michael Langenberg to found Be Free, a club devoted, according to Langenberg, to “challenge the notion that you have to be a certain way, and if you’re not then it’s not okay.”

“Our hope is to eliminate judgment because considering that there’s so many different types of people on campus it’s easy to make quick, sharp judgments, and we want to prevent that from happening,” Langenberg said. “I don’t think there is anything else like Be Free because people don’t see being yourself as important or that much of an issue.”

Normal Be Free meetings are very “member-driven” and include, according to Langenberg, watching YouTube videos, playing games and just being yourself (“the possibilities are endless!”). However, Be Free might be best known for organizing the first official pillow fight in the history of Mizzou, which took place last year on Nov. 2 on the quad. Maybe this year, I’ll join in!

By: Hannah Boxerman | Image: Mizzou Quidditch


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