Cindy Gallop: #MakeMULoveNotPorn

Advertising consultant Cindy Gallop talked about her organization, MakeLoveNotPorn, and the importance of differentiating between porn and real sex at the Missouri Theatre on Wednesday.

Gallop has a site called that compares what porn shows sex as and how it differs from the real world. She also has a video sharing site called This site allows real world people to submit real world videos of sex. Other people can rent the videos for $5 for a three-week period. The “MakeLoveNotPornstars,” as Gallop calls them, have to pay a $5 submission fee for their videos but will get a 50 percent profit from the use of them.

“We like to call ourselves the Etsy of sexy,” Gallop said. “You know those spam ads that pop up and say, ‘Make $2,000 from home?’ Now you can.”

The goal of MakeLoveNotPorn is to socialize sex, Gallop said. Gallop said she believes that porn is becoming the sex ed of today, with the average age of when a person views hardcore porn for the first time being 8-years-old.

“Talk about it,” Gallop said. “Talk about sex. Talk about sex publicly. Talk about it personally and privately.”

The sites give you a different language than that of porn and makes it easier or gives you ideas on how to talk about it in the real world, Gallop said. She said she believes that sex is just as much as our personality as anything else we share on social media and should be spoken about freely as such. Her sites categorize sex in many genres, such as MakeLazyPersonLoveNotPorn and MakeFunnyLoveNotPorn, such as the different genres of literature or YouTube videos.

“We can be the sex equivalent of ‘Charlie bit my finger,’” Gallop said.

Gallop’s journey to make hasn’t been an easy one. She told the audience at Missouri Theatre how it took two years to get funds for the site. None of the mainstream credit cards or banks would work with the organization, and they had to resort to going through a European bank, Gallop said.

“I should’ve been every firm’s wet dream, literally,” Gallop said.

As much as this presentation was about the socialization of sex and making it a more comfortable topic, it was also about breaking barriers in general. Gallop said that the answer is to open up, which also means opening up to all the diversity in the workplace and to new ideas. Diversity drives innovation, in her opinion. She said she believes that the business model of the future is shared values and shared actions to make shared profits among all the diverse groups.

With the porn industry being male dominated, Gallop is turning it on its head and paving a path to equality. She believes there would be more progress in general if industries worked on a more 50/50 ratio. Giving up was never an option; a venture can’t be revolved around social biases and norms because then one bows down to them, Gallop said.

“Women challenge the status quo because we are never it,” Gallop said.

Better sex understanding, diversity and girl power. These are all things we can all love.

By: Veronica DeStefano | Images: Source, Veronica DeStefano


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