What You May Have Missed: Weekly Wrap-Up

Too busy dreaming about spring break to catch up on this week’s biggest news stories? No worries! Here’s a quick recap of a few of them.

5. A Bachelor No More

Girls across the nation swooned as hunky Bachelor Sean Lowe proposed to Catherine on the season finale of the hit reality show. All I’m saying is, if it doesn’t work out, Sean can definitely call me. But, seriously.

4. Rough Waters for Carnival Cruise Ship

Carnival Cruise Ship, the Legend, experienced some technical difficulties this week; after toilets stopped working, the company was forced to fly the 4000 passengers back to Florida. This is the company’s fourth ship in the past month to have problems.

3. Lil Wayne Death Scare

Fans of Lil Wayne were sent into a frenzy after the rapper was taken to the hospital due to suffering several seizures this week. Although he was thought to be on his deathbed March 15, he is now doing better and is expected to recover.

2. New Pope in the House

Argentine Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio greeted crowds Wednesday as the new pope, making him the first pope from Latin America. He has officially taken the name Pope Francis.

1. Violin Survived Titanic Sinking

Tests proved this week that a violin found in a British man’s attic is in fact the violin that was played on board as the Titanic sunk a century ago. How the violin survived is unknown, but it’s pretty cool, right? If only Jack had survived, too...

By: Audrey Wilcox


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