Mizzou's Got Style: Cute-n-Classy, Keeping it Clean and Preppy Punk

Missing campus and your friends already? We've got your weekly dose of campus fashion to fill your Mizzou void! So break out your sunnies, and check out who we caught being fabulous last week (and dishing out the best style advice).


Sophomore textile and apparel management major, Hannah Burnett proves she is nothing less than a determined fashion student in her day to day style. She described her style as classy, and she channels her inner Jackie O and Victoria Beckham when putting an ensemble together. Missouri isn’t exactly a fashion capital, so Burnett had this advice for students who are too afraid to express themselves artistically at Mizzou: “Just because you see people in North Face, leggings and Uggs [doesn’t mean] you have to do that. Since we’re in Missouri, some people kind of hold back, and I’m like, you can never be too dressed up or too out there! If you want to get all dressed up for class, do it!”

Statement Pieces on a Budget: skirt, boots

Keeping it Clean

When we spotted freshman business major Connor Wilson in the hallway, we had to take his picture! Not only was this preppy ensemble perfect for our blog, but he proved to us that his clothing was one of a kind! “[My] shirt was designed and made by my dad when he was in college in the 70s,” Wilson said. When it comes to fashion inspiration, Barney Stinson and Hunter S. Thompson act as his style muses. However, he was reluctant to tell us how Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl inspires many of his ensembles (we here at CGM see no shame in being inspired by the dapper character!). When asked for fashion advice, Wilson gave these tips: “Dressing well makes you look older, successful and more professional. Don't be afraid to wear something a little more flashy though; you tend to get a hell of a lot more compliments! Also, you can never go wrong with some boat shoes, non-cargo pants and a button-up shirt!”

Statement Pieces on a Budget: shirt, pants, shoes

Preppy Punk

“I prefer dressing casual, [yet] stylish,” senior business major Wanyen Chee said. Chee also shared with us her love for mixing punk aspects into her ensembles -- explained by the adorable spiked booties she rocked with this outfit. This stylish business major searches for fashionable pieces online and uses online store lookbooks for inspiration! Chee loves the fact that weather is starting to get warmer and advised us to wear contrasting colors and to “go bright during the spring!”

Statement Pieces on a Budget: cardigan, belt, dress, shoes

This article is a part of Candice Brew's weekly campus fashion column that captures Mizzou students looking their finest.
By: Candice Brew


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