Redbox Review: "For A Good Time, Call..."

This week I watched "For A Good Time, Call…" Well, I attempted to at least. I turned the movie off before it was even over.

I wanted to turn it off way before I did. I really wanted to make it through the movie to write this review, but I’m sorry to say I’ve failed you. I couldn’t take another minute.

I went in knowing the movie was about two roommates (Lauren Miller and Ari Graynor) who start a phone sex line, but I wasn’t expecting that to be all this movie is about—two girls having phone sex with their clients. It was just awkward.

My roommates decided to watch this one with me, which only added to the awkwardness. I feel like I should give more of an overview to the movie, but like I said there isn’t much else going on besides phone sex.

I think I laughed twice during the amount of the movie that I watched: Once, when Graynor’s character Katie drunkenly peed in Miller’s car during a college flashback (I know it was a cheap laugh, but I wasn’t expecting it) and again when Justin Long’s character Jesse reenacts the Circle of Life scene from "The Lion King."

I’m a pretty big Justin Long fan, which is the whole reason I rented the movie—but he was barely in it and was significantly less charming than he usually is. I was hoping for a character similar to Long’s characters in "Accepted" and "He’s Just Not That Into You," and I was very disappointed.

I was just let down by this movie. I would recommend skipping this one. Unless, you know … you’re into this sort of thing.

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