Save or Splurge: Bandeaus & Bralettes

The month of March only means one thing: Spring break is right around the corner. I can already smell the freedom and the warm weather, even though I don’t have any definite plans for my week yet. I have, though, been preparing my spring and summer clothes in anticipation that the cold weather and dreadful snowstorms will be long gone by then. I can’t wait to be able to wear the clothes that I’ve been keeping in my storage box all winter, such as sheer tops and tank tops, and what better way to pair those tops than with bandeaus and bralettes!

I consider Victoria Secret’s PINK the queen of bandeaus and bralettes for the huge selection they offer. From cotton to lace, patterns to colors and reversible to crop, PINK has it all. They even have a variety of patterns and colors for a single type of bandeau and bralette. However, they come in a not-so-fun-and flirty price between $19.90 and $26.50. That seems like quite a lot, but some are worth investing in, like these bandeaus and bralettes.
PINK, Lace Bandeau: $19.50

PINK, Crop Bandeau: $24.50
PINK, Lace Bralette: $24.50

For an alternative, Aeropostale has bralettes in five different bright colors for $9, and Aerie has lace bandeaus in 12 different colors for $12.95! You can still rock that cool hippie festival-goer look under a budget. Here are some of my favorites perfect for sunny spring days.
Aerie, Vintage Lace Bandeau: $12.95

Aeropostale, Solid Lace Woven Bandeau: $9

The cool thing about this Aeropostale bandeau is that the straps can come on or off, so it’s a versatile bandeau that can turn into a bralette!

Whether you chose to save or to splurge, I highly recommend getting these flirty cover-ups to complete your perfect spring break outfits! I know I will.

This fashion piece is part of Sazanka Idris’ weekly lifestyle column, “Save or Splurge,” which compares products or services to help college students manage their budgets.
By: Sazanka Idris


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