Women's History Month: Kick A$$ Mizzou Women

March means more than just small, red-headed Irish men searching for a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. It is Women’s History Month! In true Mizzou fashion, I will highlight some of the amazing women around campus.

Jacqui Banaszynski

This lovely lady is literally J-School royalty with her position as the Knight Chair in Editing as a professor here. Her passion for writing and editing spans over more than 30 years and includes working at The Poynter Institute, The Seattle Times and St. Paul Pioneer Press. Her duration at the latter included her 1988 Pulitzer Prize winning series, “Aids in the Heartland.” Other awards and recognition she has received include being a Pulitzer finalist in 1986, AP Sports Editors deadline contest winner, 1997 ASNE Best Feature Writing Award, 2003 Ernie Pyle Award for Human Interest Writing, 2004 Leob Award, 2008 American Society of Sunday and Feature Editors Hall of Fame and finalist for the Goldsmith Award and for the Selden Ring Award. She teaches at workshops for writers and editors around the world.

“There will be a time in J2000 when she comes to talk about interviewing, and you will fall in love with her. She is a very inspirational, very real person. Plus, she is a badass with silver hair and piercing blue eyes. Her personality takes you in. You can feel the investment, and you then become invested in her stories. For her Pulitzer Prize winning story, the people she was writing about had such a level of respect for her that they asked her to vote on whether they should pull the plug on someone. That is a high level of respect when they are like, ‘Help us decide whether this person will live.’ I just love her.”
-Tori Patridge, junior

Struby Struble

As a fellow Tiger (class of 2004), Struby embodies the “One Mizzou” message through her position as the coordinator of the MU LGBTQ Resource Center and her many other roles. She is a co-coordinator for MU Vagina Monologues and helps advise MU Triangle Coalition (Tri-Co), the queer organization that helps be the voice of the LGBTQ and ally community on campus. Struble also has lived abroad in Spain and played semi-professional soccer in San Francisco. She does LGBTQ training with Safe Space Training, coming out issues and transgender identity. But Struble’s reach for love and acceptance doesn’t end there because she is also trained with knowledge on feminism, body image, media influence, diversity and intersectionality. You can always spot her rocking some really cool kicks and ties.

“She is always fantastic. She is always helpful with Tri-Co and is ready to help a student when they need it!”
- Trevor Beyatte, freshman

Anne-Marie Foley

Lovingly known as AMF by her adoring students, Foley is the Director of the Office of Service Learning, Director of the Civic Leaders Internship Program and a professor in the Honors College. She designed and implemented the Service Learning program after “bribing” Honors College students with pizza to share their views on doing service and putting the classroom and service together. She pushes students to learn from their service experiences and to keep adding to “the furniture in our heads.” Her extensive knowledge of literature and humanities helps expand the minds of her students. It doesn’t hurt that she brings her infamous cookie bars and pizza to her study sessions.

“She makes the most amazing desserts. Oh my gosh, yes, she’s awesome! She’s incredibly helpful. She gives pretty great advice and definitely made my first semester amazing.” 
-Susan Kelso, freshman

Sandy Cunningham

She has a Facebook “like” page. She has a fan-made Twitter account. We all know and love her. Sandy swipes everyone into Plaza 900 with a smile and always compliments your outfit. She worries about how your day has been and how you have been dealing with the ever bipolar Missouri weather. IF YOU DON’T THINK SANDY IS AWESOME, YOU HAVE NO SOUL. Just kidding ... but seriously.

“Going away from home I was afraid of taking responsibility for myself. Walking into the dining hall and seeing someone who reminded me of my mom and was such a kind person really took the stress off my shoulders. She is just on those genuinely kind people who brighten your day with the things they say.”
-Ellen Hinze, freshman

Obviously these aren’t the only amazing women at Mizzou. Make sure you thank your favorite, inspirational and just plain awesome women in your life, and tell them to keep up the good work. If you are a Mizzou woman, make it your mission to make your mark as one of the remarkable women that steps their fashionable feet across campus. Who run the world? Girls!

By: Veronica DeStefano | Images: 1234

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