Spring Break 2013: We Made It!

Okay, we can admit it. We’ve all been counting down toward spring break. Who wouldn’t? It’s been awhile since winter break, we’ve been on our school grind, and it gets old really fast. We sit in our lecture halls as the professors drone on about something or other, while in our minds, we are frolicking in waves and soaking in the sun. Is it spring break yet?

With that being said, the optimistic thoughts of what break will entail often lead us to forget about the stresses that the last school week has in store for us. Oh yes, it is midterm season, everyone.

Just the other night, one of my friends burst in the front door of our residence hall, disheveled and tired looking, to exclaim that she had spent 12 straight hours at the infamous Club Ellis preparing for four exams that were all stacked together the following day. Ouch, that’s gotta hurt.

And lucky me, I had a test Friday before break. What I want to know is what kind of evil, delirious professor plans a big exam the Friday before break. For the people that have to change travel plans (or miss out on them), I have two things to say: 1) I personally find the exam rules ridiculous, and 2) I can’t imagine sitting in that awful, bland room counting down the minutes and thinking about what I’m missing out on. Do those professors have no heart? Or social life?

On top of the exams that professors love to cram in before break, us students have to deal with the hardships of planning the vacation. Being on our own at college, many of us do not have the amenity of parents to lay out and pay for the trips. So the months and weeks before break, when we’re not ready to jump out of a window at the library, are spent scrambling to make some worthy plans come together. Means of transportation, a place to stay, managing the cost, getting people together …the issues go on and on. Trust me, none of it is ever easy.

For those of you who aren’t going anywhere for break, rest up, have some good home-cooked meals, and be thankful you survived the school week before break. Not everyone can say they got away from the week unscathed.

Of course, despite all the stresses and hecticness…..


By: Lindsay Keaton | Image: Source


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