Women's History Month: Most Influential Women in Beauty Today

What do bloggers, editor-in-chiefs and former models have in common? Stunning beauty tips, of course! And since it is Women's History Month, CGM is counting down the best and brightest women influencing your vanity and beauty routine right now.

1. Pat McGrath

She’s called the most influential makeup artist in the world, and once you get a glimpse of her resume, you’ll know why. In 2012 alone, McGrath worked with everyone from Vanity Fair to Vogue Italia on their editorial shoots. And this year McGrath already has five advertising campaigns under her belt, including those for Louis Vuitton’s spring/summer ‘13 collection and Anna Sui’s new lipstick collection. And it’s only March!

The former model, a Northhampton, England native, has also designed the makeup looks for 35 women’s ready-to-wear autumn/winter shows back in 2008 and is in high demand with celebrities from Oprah to Madonna. You can find her expert advice in the pages of Allure magazine, or just trolling her Twitter account -- she’s a huge social media buff, and sometimes she Tweets (or Instagrams) backstage tips and tricks from the pros.

2. Bobbi Brown

According to Bobbi Brown’s website, she became enthralled with makeup at a young age when she watched her mother put it on. Now one of the most recognizable names in beauty, she’s come a long way from a young freelance makeup artist in New York City. What made Brown so popular was her theory that it shouldn’t be obvious that you’re wearing makeup--not unless you want it to look obvious, anyway. It started with a lipstick that didn’t smell or taste bad and looked like lips. Now, nearly 22 years later, Brown has a multi-million dollar cosmetics company with her name on it! She is also the author of seven books and the exclusive beauty editor of "The Today Show." How’s that for a dream come true?

3. Carine Roitfeld:

Former editor of Vogue Paris for 10 years, from 2001 to 2011, Roitfeld is taking the fashion world by storm--not that she hasn’t already. According to models.com, she’s a former Gucci consultant and freelance stylist who climbed the ranks of magazines before taking the helm of one of the most influential. Now she’s now branching out with her own magazine, CR Fashion Book, and after totally stealing the spotlight during New York Fashion Week, will be releasing a line with MAC Cosmetics.

It’s all about Roitfeld’s signature style: edgy, dark, irreverent, but simple and sophisticated. In Fashionista.com’s article on the line, she says she even encourages sleeping in mascara so that you wake up looking “tired but tired sexy.” Not pay attention to the woman who took Parisian fashion above and beyond? C’est fou! (That’s crazy!)

4. Jane Pratt

Jane Pratt is a cult icon in the magazine industry after founding both Sassy and Jane, two defining publications for a generation of teens. Her website xoJane.com is a must-read for anyone searching for touching, hysterical and unbelievable real stories and opinions submitted by real women (and a motley crew of editors). Now she has officially launched her new beauty-centered website xoVain.com, and the same mission of using women’s stories in an empowering way carries over. The xoVain.com About page describes the website as: “a new kind of beauty site where there are no secrets. We believe in using beauty as a tool to make women feel good about themselves, for themselves.” With titles like “Am I the Heaviest Beauty Editor in New York City?” and “I Don’t Shoot Up; I Just Have Eczema,” Pratt pushes the boundaries of contemporary beauty writing, and her touch as editor-in-chief resounds throughout the entire site.

5. Amy Nadine

Amy Nadine (right) is a makeup artist most known for her work on Lauren Conrad and Rachel Bilson on the celebrity circuit, but she’s also gaining acclaim with her website TheBeautyDepartment.com. Launched with Conrad and Kristin Ess in 2011, Nadine posts beauty, hair and nails tips on the site to hundreds of thousands of eyeballs a day -- and growing! It’s a frequent Pinterest pinning hub, and she’s known for staying ahead of the trends. Nadine is definitely a power to watch in the makeup world, and her star is only growing brighter.

By: Alise Murawski


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