Dress for Internship Success: The Colored Blazer

If you’ve earned a summer internship or better yet, a job, high five! Give yourselves a big pat on the back because no matter how big or small it is, the experience will take you a long way. I got a summer internship back home in my tropical country, and there’s this one huge question I’ve been asking myself: What am I going to wear?

Now, I bet the weather here (or anywhere else in the world except for the poles and Australia) and in my hometown won’t be that much of a difference. It’s going to be hot, humid and sweaty. So how can we look like we’re ready to conquer our internships without suffocating through that cotton dress shirt and boxy blazer?

I believe with the right pieces we can still look professional without breaking a sweat in the summer. However, we might have to break our banks.

This MICHAEL Michael Kors blazer is perfect for a summer internship because not only is it light, but it also comes in a variety of bright colors that are perfect for the summer. Whichever color you choose will become the statement piece of your whole outfit and will make you stand out from the rest in the office.

MICHAEL Michael Kors, Shirred Sleeve Jacket: $130

A blazer can give you the freedom to wear lighter clothes beneath it, even ones with spaghetti straps. A thin blouse with capris is the perfect complement for a bright blazer like this. Remember though, you still want to show professionalism in the way you dress. So a low-cut, see-through blouse might not be a good choice to pair with a blazer. However, chicness comes with the price of $130.

If you would like to make more money than spend this summer, you can opt out for a similar blazer for less. For $59.90, Gibson’s Collarless linen blazer is a great alternative for less than half the price.

Gibson, Collarless Linen Blazer: $59.90

So for a polished, colored blazer perfect for a thriving summer intern, will you save … or will you splurge?

Keep on the lookout for my next columns, giving you save and splurge options for other summer internship outfit investment pieces.

This fashion piece is part of Sazanka Idris’ weekly lifestyle column, “Save or Splurge,” which compares products or services to help college students manage their budgets.

By: Sazanka Idris | Image: Source


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