Drag Show Do’s and Don’ts

As MU’s Pride Month (lovingly known around campus as Gaypril), sponsored by the LGBTQ Resource Center, comes to a close, make sure you make the most of it by attending a drag show! Maybe you were able to go to the Let’s Get Loud Drag Show on April 12 in the Mark Twain Ballroom in Memorial Union, loved it and want to see more. Or, maybe you are sad you missed it and want to get your fill of drag. Maybe you are a newbie to drag and want to know a bit before you throw yourself into the fun. So, before you hit up SoCo Club for a fun night of drag divas and dudes, take a gander at this list!

The Do’s
  • Do bring some singles to tip the performers. If you are loving their performance, show them some love in greenbacks! They appreciate it, and it helps them buy more glitter!
  • Do dress up. The queens and kings are wearing their finest to perform for you. The least you can do is put on your best sequined, flashy club gear to show your diva side. 
  • Do respect the talent that goes into the routines and makeup. The transformations can be incredible, and the routines can be super creative and fun. So applaud how awesome they are when they come out!
  • Do chair dance and sing. The playlists for these shows are phenomenal, and you will not be able to resist jamming along. 
  • Do go with a group of friends. The more the merrier! You want to be with your crew to have a great time! Try to even get some of those unsure friends to go with you. 

The Don’ts

  • Don’t be afraid to get into it. When you go up to give your tip, be fierce, have fun and dance a little!
  • Don’t refer to the performers as their street names. When they are in drag, they want to be known as that character. 
  • Don’t be weirded out. If it is your first time going to a drag show ever, you may be a bit weirded out, but it is just like any kind of play when people play different characters. 
  • Don’t think that drag only means men dress as women. Women do drag as men. Additionally, women do drag as women and men do drag as men as well. Also, the drag performers are not always gay or lesbian, as is usually stereotyped. So, don’t care what the sexual orientation of the performer is, and just enjoy the show. 
  • Don’t be close minded. These shows are all about freedom of expression and having a good time, so just let loose! 

With some drag advice in hand, go out and enjoy the rest of your Gaypril! Also, don’t forget to check out all the other events that the MU LGBTQ Resource Center is holding, and check out the Black and Gold Drag Show in the fall!

By: Veronica DeStefano | Image: Source


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