Mizzou's Got Style: Vintage Gems, Pop of Color and Dark Vibes

The school year may be wrapping up, but the style on campus is as fresh as ever. Chiffon skirts, skull scarves and bright blazers were just some of the fun pieces we caught on campus this week. Check out these stylish tigers.

Vintage Gems

When we saw sophomore business major Yujie Huang walking across our campus catwalk with this unique and nostalgic version of a chiffon maxi skirt, we had to track her down! She loves raiding the racks of thrift stores and discovering treasures like the ones she was wearing last week! Marie Claire magazine guides Huang when she’s having a fashion obstacle and she advised readers to simply take a look in the mirror if they ever question an ensemble.

Statement Pieces on a Budget: blouse, skirt, loafers

Pop of Color

If CGM ever decided to create a list of stylish professors at Mizzou, French graduate student Elisabeth Aguilar would easily land near the top. Aguilar describes her style as “classic with trendy accents.” “I love European style in general because it’s really sophisticated and it’s not over done,” Aguilar said. She confides in small boutiques in major cities when on a fashion scavenger hunt and she made it clear that Nordstrom is always a go-to spot if boutiques aren’t in reach. When asked for fashion advice, Aguilar said this: “I think just keep it simple and be yourself; whatever you wear, wear it with confidence because that reflects who you are.”

Statement Pieces on a Budget: blazer, boots

Dark Vibes

Junior journalism major Nina Buckhalter caught our eye with her gorgeous alligator-skin tote and chic color coordination. “My style is all over the place,” Buckhalter said. “Some days I’ll dress boho, laid back and other days I’m prim [with] either blazers or off the shoulder sweaters.” Buckhalter recommended that college women shop at Forever 21 for cute finds at a bargain, and for well deserved splurging, she pointed us to Zara. “Wear what you like,” Buckhalter said. “It’s hard to stand out on the university’s campus, but if you have certain pieces like a ring or your grandmother’s brooch, it’ll spice [your outfit] up.”

Statement Pieces on a Budget: scarf, blazer, bag

This article is a part of Candice Brew's weekly campus fashion column that captures Mizzou students looking their finest.

By: Candice Brew 


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