What You May Have Missed: Weekly Wrap-Up

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Happy Monday, Glossers! The weeks until summer are flying by, but no worries because CG has got you covered! Here’s what you may have missed last week. 

5. The Greatest Time of the Year: NBA Playoffs 

The NBA Playoffs are in full swing, but if you’re a huge NBA fan like me, you are well aware. Who will win it all (cough, Memphis Grizzlies, cough)? Keep up with the latest updates here.

4. Country Music Legend Dies at 81

Country Music star George Jones passed away Friday at the age of 81. Jones was known for hits such as “White Lightening” and “She Thinks I Still Care,” and there is no doubt that his legend in the music industry will continue to live on. 

3. White House Correspondence Dinner 2013

While many teens were attending their high school proms this weekend, celebs attended a prom of their own: the 2013 White House Correspondence Dinner. Stars like Amy, Claire, Hayden and Kerry took over the red carpet in stunning gowns (seen above). 

2. Looking for Answers 

Federal officials are still looking for answers from Dzhokhar Tsarneav, the suspect of the Boston Marathon bombings, following his capture last week. Tsarneav told officials that he learned how to build the bombs from a website and is maintaining that his late brother was the mastermind in the attacks. 

1. Mizzou Pride! 

Mizzou students showed their pride Wednesday, April 24, in the Pride Parade presented by the LGBTQ Center. This was just one of several events that make up the center’s Pride Month.

By: Audrey Wilcox


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